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"Calgon, Take Me Away!"

The next day, Ellie helpfully narrates the arrival of the Cassity clan, so the brothers and the audience are in the know. There's Noah, an old geezer who thinks he's going to a Dallas theme party as J.R. Noah has just married a young lingerie model, whom he has not brought with him. Then there's daughter Cindy, wearing a permanent scowl and chincy rabbit fur jacket. She had a hit song on the country charts a few years ago, then started hitting the bottle. "Her last album was holiday songs for dogs," Ellie says. She sarcastically names her favorites, and I would list them for you, if I could understand what she was saying here. Finally, there's Margot, the baby of the family. "She ran away just before Alice and Carl tied the knot," Ellie says. She barely looks 20, so either she was very precocious, or looks super young for her age. As the Cassity family head inside, Ellie explains Sam and Dean's jobs for the night. One of them will be serving dinner and drinks, while the other will be manning the grill. Wouldn't they have other employees to do this? Would you want the guy who was just elbow-deep in horse poop to cook your food?

Dean gets the grill. All those years of setting corpses ablaze has really paid off. "Impressed?" he asks when Ellie comes by to check on him. "I do like a man who can handle his meat," Ellie says. Dean doesn't even know what to say to that.

Inside, Sam is dealing with a different kind of fire. The Cassitys are all nonstop bickering and being awful to each other. Cindy blabs that little Margot and Carl slept together. This is news to Carl's widow. Margot insists it was before Cindy and Carl got together, which doesn't seem possible (or at least legal) given how young she looks. Somehow, the conversation eventually turns friendlier. Perhaps the copious amount of wine they've been drinking has finally kicked in. "I can't remember the last time we all sat down to have a meal together," Alice says. "It was back at the old crappy house," Cindy says, "when Daddy invited that traveling salesman to dinner." They fish around in their memories for his name and come up with: "Crowley." Sam overhears this. His face goes, "Oh, shit!"

He rushes outside to tell Dean the news. They figure it's beneath the King of Hell to collect on his old deals, and that he's just sent the hounds in his place. Sam has no idea who might have signed over their souls that night ten years ago. With impeccable timing, Kevin calls to tell them he's just discovered something on the tablet. He reads: "The dire creatures may be seen only by the damned, or through an object scorched with holy fire." Luckily, they still have some holy oil in the Impala's trunk. Kevin suggests they use a pair of glasses. Sam reminds him to get some sleep, but Kevin is soon downing pep pills and getting back to work.

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