Trial and Error

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"Calgon, Take Me Away!"

While Dean heads off to find some glasses, Sam goes back to the Cassity family dysfunction. It's not long before he notices Noah and Margot walking by with guns in hand. He chases after them. "Whoa, where are you going?" he asks. "Wherever I damned well please," Noah slurs. Both he and Margot seem more than a little drunk. They swear vengeance on the wolf that killed Carl. "I'll come with you," Sam says. Noah narrows his eyes at him. "You know anything about hunting, boy?" Sam's like, "Um, yeah, a little bit." At her father's urging, Margot gives Sam her gun. Together, they all head off into the woods, even though it would probably be more sensible for Sam to force them back inside. He's eight feet tall, he has a gun. Who would argue with him if he really got insistent?

Meanwhile, Dean pours a little holy oil on the driveway, lights it and waves two pairs of glasses over the flames. Somehow, even the thickest, dorkiest glasses are crazy flattering on him. Before he can give them a proper test run, Ellie finds him. "I like it," she says. "The whole Clark Kent look." He quickly takes off the specs. Ellie seems a little bit drunk herself, or maybe she's just woozy from the proximity. She's runs her hands all over Dean's chest. "I think you're really hot," she says. "You wanna go to my room and... have sex?" Dean seems utterly confused. "What?" Ellie says she doesn't usually do this. "I guess I'm feeling my oats," she says, even though it sounds like, "I guess I'm filling my Os." Dean, with some difficulty, turns her down. Ellie backs off, embarrassed. Dean asks for a rain check. He even waggles his brows at her, but no dice. "This is one night only," she says. She walks away, looking very sad, as one might after losing out on nookie with Dean.

Sam and the two Cassitys head deeper and deeper into the woods. Sam hears something off to one side and goes to investigate. He's stalking, stalking... holding his breath. Suddenly there's a gun in his face. "Watch yourself, boy," says Noah. Sam didn't even see this old coot who almost pulled a Dick Cheney on him, yet he somehow expected to find an invisible hellhound. Whatever. It's just an excuse to leave Margot alone so that it's a shock when they later find her being ripped to shreds.

Sam and Dean manage to gather the surviving Cassitys back at the house. By now, they've decided to drop the ranch hand act. Dean explains about the hellhounds. "When you sell your soul to a demon, they're the ones that come to rip it out of you." They all gape at him. "A demon?" Alice asks. Dean tells them about their old dinner guest, Crowley. The Cassitys think Dean is nuts. Nobody will admit to selling a soul that night, so Sam sets about spreading goofer dust all around the entrances to keep the hounds out. This would be the perfect time for Dean to share his personal experience with the hounds and let them know exactly what lies in store for them because he's lived it and died it. But he doesn't. Instead, his argument is about how he's their best chance of safety.

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