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The Hardy Boys Schedule Vasectomies. Again.

First, though, we must watch as Sam returns to his research, only to discover a major clue he'd somehow overlooked until this very moment. Seems one of the slaughtered gentlemen of Lansing was not the natural father of the infant who ended up missing, and the natural father of the infant in question is still alive. Sam suggests they head back to Lansing for a chat, and Dean's all eager to go until he remembers they've got a six-month-old on their hands, so he agrees to remain at this week's motel room while Sam shimmies back into his FBI drag and hits the road. The instant Sam's gone, The Fresh Infant begins to fuss, so Dean wets a finger with some of the whiskey he'd been drinking and pops it into the kid's mouth. Atta boy.

Lansing. Dapper Sam drops by Jimmy's Custom Auto Body & Repair to speak with the proprietor of the establishment himself, and long story short, it quickly becomes apparent that the shapeshifter posed as various men in the town in order to impregnate their wives, after which the thing bided its time until the children were six months old, at which point the shapeshifter resurfaced to slaughter the couples involved and steal away into the night with its progeny. "That's...! That's...! That's revolting!" If you want revolting, Raoul, just wait for what happens next. "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

This Week's Motel Room. The Fresh Infant -- who really is quite the adorable little thing, I have to admit -- cools his jets all by his lonesome while Dean enjoys some time with his bed's Magic Fingers. And then? SPLAT! "GOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Yep, The Fresh Infant apparently exploded right there in his crib, for the wall above is now coated with drippy bits of baby hide and blood. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" I told you this episode was about to get exciting again. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Dean's absolutely horrified until he hears The Fresh Infant squalling, and he warily approaches the crib just as Dapper Sam rings in from Lansing with the latest. "I talked to the father -- he checks out," Sam babbles, "but the baby? I think the shapeshifter is his dad!" Dean's all, "Ya think?" for he's by now reached the crib to discover that The Fresh Infant spontaneously molted from the six-month-old Caucasian they've been lugging around for the last twenty-four hours to a six-month-old African-American who bears suspicious resemblance to the baby model on a nearby box of diapers. D'OH! Dean stands there, slackjawed, with The New And Improved Fresh Infant oozing shapeshifter goo all over the carpeting until the METAL TEETH CHOMP! drags both of them into the next commercial break.

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