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The Hardy Boys Schedule Vasectomies. Again.

And after it's all over, we return to the main floor with Real Dean to discover -- to our immense dismay -- that Girl Campbell and Soul-Sucking Corin Nemec have survived to plague another episode. We also receive the following bit of Additional Show Mythology: That last adult shapeshifter was actually The Alpha Shapeshifter. In other words, it is the original shapeshifter from which all lesser shapeshifters descend, which explains both its great power and the telepathic link it shares with all of its offspring, and seriously? Seriously? They renewed this show for a sixth goddamned season, just so it can start ripping off Anne Fucking Rice? Supernatural can blow me. "Demian!" Don't "Demian!" me, lizard. I told you this season had already pushed me to the brink, didn't I? "You did!" Well, this just kicked me over. "Oh, you poor dear! Shall I fetch you something soothing?!" That's probably a good idea, Raoul. I've a feeling I'll need it after I plow through the five godforsaken minutes that remain in this hateful episode. "Whee!" Aw. It's good to have him back.

Anyway, "lore" has it that all otherworldly creatures descend from such Alphas, and no one knows how to kill them, so I guess we've got our throughline for the season. Maybe we'll get lucky, and The CW'll cancel this crap before sweeps. Next!

Out in the barnyard, Studiously Nonchalant Sam and Suddenly Suspicious El Deano amble back to the Charger. You see, the motel shapeshifter had mentioned having a father shortly before Sam blew those holes through the thing's chest, and Dean's wondering if maybe Sam perhaps might have overheard that, then engineered things so Zombie Grandpa might lure Shapeshifter Alpha up to The Compound by using The New And Improved Fresh Infant as bait. Sam, of course, denies all of it, and I gotta admit, I'm inclined to believe him, mainly because I watched that damn motel scene six times in a row, and Sam was nowhere in sight when the relevant line was uttered. But whatever. I'm sure there will be some great big hair-pulling slapfight between the two of them over it later in the season, and I'll fall off that bridge when I get to it.

After the final commercial break -- which happened to arrive most woefully CHOMP!-less, I am sad to note -- we return to The Compound to find Zombie Grandpa surreptitiously talking on the phone with his never-heard boss. And the plot thickens. To the point where it's getting a little bit hard to see through. Just a little bit, though. Based on what I can gather from Zombie Grandpa's end of the conversation, someone's hired him to procure demonic beasties for some obscure and mysterious purpose, which is presumably why Zombie Grandpa had Soul-Sucking Corin Nemec bundle Genie Brigitta into the back of The S&M Party Van last week, rather than killing her on the spot. And...that's about it, for now. Zombie Grandpa of course failed in the hunt for Shapeshifter Alpha, but he promises the higher-ups that he and his posse won't be making that particular mistake twice, and the conversation ends.

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