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The Hardy Boys Have This Condition

...a grainy, jittery, black-and-white flashback. DUN! If you Zapruder this bit, you get a clear image of tonight's Special Guest Beast before it dissolves into a series of terrifying close-ups of Zombie Grandpa's craggy mug, which would seem to indicate the answer to this evening's case is far closer to the surface of Sam's conscious mind than subsequent scenes would have us believe, but whatever. At normal speed, it zips past far too quickly to make much of an impression.

And when Sam snaps back to the present, thoroughly and visibly freaked, Dean quite reasonably wonders what gives. "Nothing!" Sam LIES. To his credit, Dean clearly recognizes that falsehood for what it is, but he wisely chooses not to pursue the matter at this point, and instead steers Metallicar towards Bristol proper.

Cut to Captain Bob's Buccaneer, a pirate-themed seafood joint that is home not only to "Bob's's Famous Crablegs," but also to "The Sea Captain's Challenge," which basically boils down to this: Should you manage to consume seventy-two ounces of Surf 'N' Turf without vomiting, Captain Bob will comp your meal. This will become important later, I presume, but for now, let's shuttle over to Our Intrepid Heroes' table, where Dean's riffling through a sheaf of missing persons flyers issued by the Bristol County Sheriff's Department and the Rhode Island State Police. The flyer for Nicole Handler draws his particular attention for some never-explained reason, and after he makes a pointless remark I'll not be bothering to transcribe, the camera shifts over to Sam, who notes that none of the missing brunettes -- for, indeed, they are all brunettes -- have anything in common with each other aside from their hair color. Dean suggests Sam brainstorm a link while he hits the head -- down on what this restaurant unappetizingly refers to as "The Poop Deck," which perhaps not so coincidentally includes the kitchen -- and Sam dutifully sets his brain-gears to turning until he's accosted by a beaming, late-thirtysomething brunette and her scowling significant other, the former of whom greets him with a decidedly flirtatious, "Agent Roark? It's good to see you again!" Barely waiting for a response, she reintroduces her scowling significant other as her husband, "Don," then leans in to give Our Intrepid Hero an eyeful of her cleavage as she whispers, "So, you're back because it started again? The disappearances?" Darling Sammy hems and haws and stutters and stammers and eventually confirms her cleavage's suspicions before encouraging them to give him a call should they stumble across any leads for him.

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