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The Hardy Boys Have This Condition

Cut to the former abode of the unfortunate Nicole Handler, where we find Dean -- once again all dolled up in his FBI drag -- interviewing Unfortunate Nicole's longtime roommate "April," and wow. That's some cleft April's got in her chin. "I find it makes her look terribly distinguished!" Oh, Raoul. Your recent Vancouver excursion has left you far too congenial by half. "I do feel unusually invigorated and refreshed, I must admit!" Yeah, we'll see how long that lasts. "Hey!" And while Raoul works himself up into a righteous snit over my last remark, let's listen in to what April has to say, shall we?

Turns out, it's not much, but while she's yakking away, Devious El Deano surreptitiously fingers his way through a stack of business cards in a heart-shaped ashtray on the kitchen counter, cutting April's unhelpful monologue short when he finds one from Agent H. Roark of the FBI. "Where'd you get this?" he demands, flapping the thing around in her cleft. "Nicole got that," April replies, explaining that one of last year's missing men lived in their building, and that Agent Roark took particular interest in what Unfortunate Nicole had to say about the whole thing. In fact, as April emphasizes, "He came by a few times." "Did he?" Dean eyebrows, his suspicions mounting. "And how would you characterize their relationship?" he asks. "Just the...tone, or the nature of their conversation?" "Loud," April admits. "Whee!" shrieks Raoul, by now thoroughly recovered from his earlier snit. "And athletic," April adds. "Atta girl!" April offers Our Intrepid Hero a winning smile, but Deeply Disturbed El Deano's mind is already racing halfway towards a horrifying realization.

Meanwhile, over in downtown Bristol, Darling Sammy ambles over towards the sheriff's department, which turns out to be a very bad move on his part, indeed, for barely has he made it midway across the parking lot when that snippy little deputy from the pre-credits sequence bellows, "Hold it right there!" while shoving his cocked revolver into Darling Sammy's face. Ooops.

Bristol County Jail. Darling Sammy finds himself slung into one of the holding cells while the snippy little deputy sneers, "Man, you are as dumb as a sack of hair!" "Coming back here?" he continues. "After what you did?" Darling Sammy attempts to explain his condition, but the snippy little deputy is having none of it and, after making it clear he holds Sam responsible for last year's spate of disappearances -- including that of Bristol County's sheriff at the time -- he stomps off in a mighty huff, leaving Darling Sammy alone to brood and pout.

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