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The Hardy Boys Have This Condition

This Week's Hovel. A jittery Sam nearly shoots Dean in the face when the latter returns from points unknown entirely unannounced, and once things settle down, the two banter about Sam's fresh fugitive status for a bit until they refocus their attentions on the case at hand. Dean's done a little more digging, and discovered that Soulless Sammy was, as we've already seen, quite the humongous slut during his last sojourn in Bristol. "I gotta admit," Dean grins, "I'm impressed." As are we all, Dean. As are we all. "Atta girl!" Shhhh! "Ooops! Hee!" Anyway, Dean would delve further into that particular topic, I'm sure, were it not for the scratchy interruption from the police scanner Sam's set up on one of the hovel's rotting tables. They instantly realize it's a general notification of yet another missing brunette, so Dean volunteers to check it out while Sam remains far away from prying eyes in the hovel. Of course, the instant Dean's gone, Sam lunges for his jacket and heads out the door, because he is a moron.

Cuckold Estates. Dean emerges from his interview with Scowling Don and immediately dials Sam's cell. The call falls instantly into voice mail, leaving Dean little choice but to growl, "Answer the phone, dammit -- I found the connection between the missing chicks: You nailed all of them!" "Atta girl!" Dean, completely ignoring Raoul's vociferous shrieks of approval, continues, "The texts, the victims, all of it -- it's a trap for you! Call me back." And with that, he crawls into the Impala's front seat to drive away.

Chez Sheriff. Brenna Dobbs returns from the grocery with a load of paper products and nearly panics herself into an aneurysm when Darling Sammy pops out to greet her. During the conversation that follows, we learn Brunette Number Four is actually "Debbie Harris," and that Brenna of course suspects Sam in her disappearance. Sam insists he wasn't involved, and enlists Brenna's aid in hunting down the case files for last year's victims, which have evidently gone missing from the sheriff's office. Which, you know, the gigantic idiot broke into a couple of hours ago, even though he's the primary suspect in the probable murders of at least nine people over the last twelve months. Fathead. Brenna, of course, resists him at first, but she soon finds herself once again powerless against the overwhelming force of Sam's patented Ultra-Deluxe Puppy-Dog Eyes Of Abject Pleading And Doom, so she admits she swiped the case files from the office herself, and heads upstairs to retrieve them. Sam heaves a mighty sigh of relief at the news, which for whatever reason hurls him into this evening's next...

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