We Need to Talk About Kevin

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"What I Did on My Summer Vacation"
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The Road So Far. Dean's gravelly voice reminds us of the show's original premise: Two brothers driving around in an awesome car, hunting monsters and saving people. Jethro Tull's "Locomotive Breath" kicks in. Some Leviathans got out of Purgatory when Castiel was on that whole "I'm going to save Heaven... oops, now I'm on a power trip" thing season before last. The head Leviathan was named Dick Roman, because that afforded the writers many an opportunity to make dick jokes. Bobby Singer died, tooled around as a ghost for a while and then died for good (maybe) when the brothers burned his haunted flask. Castiel laid hands on Sam and fixed the craziness that he let loose, then became kind of crazy himself. Dick dug up a stone tablet containing the Word of God and it triggered the activation of a teenaged prophet named Kevin Tran. The alpha vampire explained that monsters go to Purgatory when they die. Castiel and Dean boned Dick with an old nun's leg bone. Dick died explosively and took Dean and Castiel with him. Crowley, the King of Hell, nabbed Kevin for his own nefarious purposes, leaving Sam all by his lonesome. Dean and Castiel wound up in Purgatory, but Castiel fluttered away somewhere while Dean faced down the searing red glares of monsters in the dark.

Now! We start off in 100 Mile Wilderness, Maine, one year later. It's a dark, misty forest. It looks kind of like Purgatory, but with campers instead of demons. Two of these campers are sleeping snug in their tent when a burst of bright light cuts through the darkness. It's accompanied by an otherworldly humming sort of sound. The girl camper sits up and wakes the boy camper. "Get up! Something just happened!" The light collapses in on itself. The boy camper, now awake, sees something shadowy moving outside the tent. The girl impels him to go do something about it, so he grabs a flashlight and starts shouting, "Hello? Hello?" into the darkness. Goodness only knows what he plans to do with that piddling flashlight if danger should present itself. He peers into the woods and sighs with relief: "It was a deer." He glances back towards the tent to give the girl the good news when a bloody, dirty, but clean-shaven Dean Winchester appears before him. "Where am I?" Dean asks. The boy is stunned. It's not a deer, but a fine, young buck! It's easy to make the mistake in low light conditions. The girl emerges from the tent, possibly sensing the close proximity of a hot Winchester. Dean, startled, pulls a gun on them. The campers are too frightened to answer. "Where's the road?" Dean tries. "Twelve miles that way," the boy says. Dean glances around, spies the campers' backpack and grabs it before scampering off into the woods. The campers gawp after him as "Man in the Wilderness" by Styx begins to play.

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