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The Last Temptation Of The Hardy Boys

Back in the unfamiliar apartment, Dean spots a pile of mail on the kitchen table and starts riffling through it. The top few items are addressed to a Carmen Porter at 53 Barker Avenue in Lawrence, Kansas, but just below them lurks a cell phone bill addressed to Dean at the same house number. Barely has he muttered a confused "What the hell?" when Carmen materializes behind him in a blue silk robe to wonder, "Honey? What are you doing up?" Dean bluffs his way through the subsequent bit of banter -- during which a concerned Carmen promises him a little premarital nookie if he'll just stop it with the midnight rambling and come back to bed -- and after he agrees to join her shortly and sends her off with a kiss that is, on his part, rather stiff (not like that), he starts scoping the room for further clues. He finds a framed photograph of Carmen posing on a beach somewhere right next to others of the two of them enjoying a meal in an upscale restaurant, along with one little playful snapshot where Dean's got his arm around her and is obviously holding his own camera at arm's length to capture their grinning faces. I think I hate her for that one. But that's not important right now, for Dean's spotted yet another picture on a table across the room, and as a somewhat mournful oboe groans its emoish way onto the soundtrack, Dean crosses to lift the thing into the air, an expression of complete and somewhat horrified disbelief spreading across his face. We never get to see the photo itself, but what it portrays is so shocking to Our Intrepid Hero that he involuntarily lets it slip through his fingers to crash onto the floorboards. As the shattered bits of glass from the picture's frame glint in the low lamplight, Dean takes off out the apartment's front door.

Moments later, as The Emo Oboe Of The ANGST That Is Going To Kill The Recapper continues on the soundtrack, Metallicar grumbles up to a suburban curb, and Dean -- still with this expression of incredulous shock on his face -- disembarks to hoof it on up to the house he would have grown up in had The Ceiling Demon not intervened all those many years ago. Incidentally, sharp-eyed and long-memoried people on the forum boards noticed yet another indication That Things Are Not Quite Right With El Deano: The house's number's been reversed, from 1481 as seen in "Home" to 1841 here. Very clever, show. In any event, Dean raps on the front door, then rings the bell a couple of times until the porch light unexpectedly snaps on above his head, startling him a bit. And when the door opens and Dean gets a look at who's answered, his voice catches in his throat to the point that he can barely stammer out, "Mom?" For yes, gentle reader, the woman at the door is an entirely unflambéed Mary Winchester, clad in a death-defying white nightgown over which she's fastened a pink robe. Perhaps wisely, the makeup department's made no effort whatsoever to age Samantha Smith for this evening's festivities, but I do resent the resultant fact that I'm supposed to believe this 38-year-old woman is actually 53. Shut up, Supernatural. In any event, Mary's all full of concern for her elder son's well-being, what with him popping up on her doorstep unannounced in the middle of the night, but when she asks him if he's okay, Dean, on the verge of tears, can muster no more than a truthful, "I don't know." Sign Number Three That Things Are Not Quite Right With El Deano: If the LYING LIAR WHO LIES extraordinaire can't pull together a simple "Oh, yeah -- I thought I'd just, you know, check in on you on my way home" for the benefit of his suddenly uncrispified mother, something really fucked up is going on here.

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