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The Last Temptation Of The Hardy Boys

Mary pulls him indoors (and in a nice touch, Dean almost flinches away from her hand the first time she places it on his shoulder), and after she's shut the door behind him, she proceeds into the living room, nattering on and on about Carmen calling and whatnot, but Dean -- suddenly suspicious, as well he should be -- demands she repeat what she said to him every night while tucking him into bed when he was a kid. Mary, taken aback at first, eventually just smiles and reminds him, "I told you that angels were watching over you." Dean's reserve completely cracks at this, and as the hint of a genuine smile tugs at his mouth, he bow-leggedly strides across the room to pull Mary up into a grasping embrace. Mary, meanwhile, admits to fears for his sanity. Heh. Dean blows past all that and, after drawing back to hold her at arm's length to babble something about wishes coming true, pulls her into another hug. "I'm just happy to see you," he admits, and with his face thus hidden from hers, he allows himself a quick, silent sob of joy. Wimp.

Realizing he threatens to freak her out if he doesn't get it together, he breaks the embrace and spins to examine the various family photographs on the bookshelves lining the living room, all the while too-casually asking about a fire in the house when he was young, which of course never happened. The camera pans across Jensen Ackles's actual prom picture (he's prettier than she is, the poor girl) and Jared Padalecki's actual senior portrait from high school (neeeeeeeeeeerd!) before Dean finds a shot of Daddy Shut Up in a softball uniform with a Route 66 logo on the sleeve, and very clever, show, and very nice that Dean finds it amusing as well, but that's not what's important at the moment. No, what's important is the fact that Daddy Shut Up most thankfully dropped dead in 2006 even in this reality, only this time around, he went peacefully from a stroke in his sleep. Dean finds comfort in that, because Dean continues to refuse to see his father for the lousy, worthless bastard the man truly was when he was alive, but again: Not that important, because Dean is now officially freaking his mother out. "You've been drinking," she eventually guesses with a hint of a condescending smile on her lips. Heh. Dean denies it of course, but Mary insists on calling Carmen to pick him up, anyway. Dean pleads with her to allow him to crash at the old homestead this evening -- "I miss the place" -- so Mary relents, perhaps attributing her son's bizarre behavior to her worthless bastard of a husband's recent death. He collapses onto the sofa, and Mary, stepping over to caress his face, asks, "Are you sure you're all right?" Dean, obviously still overwhelmed, is not, but this time around, he manages to LIE TO HIS POOR UNDEAD MOTHER, "I think so." She kisses him on his forehead before heading upstairs to bed, and I mention it only because Jensen Ackles allows the tension in Dean's face to melt away completely for what I'm pretty sure is the first time ever on this show when she does so, and it's a beautiful little moment.

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