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The Last Temptation Of The Hardy Boys

Back at the Winchester homestead, Dean lustily chomps into a delicious-looking BLT his undead mother's most graciously prepared for him. "This is the best sandwich ever!" he enthuses through a mouthful of food, and it does look fantastic, though think about it: Jensen Ackles shoves so much food into his gaping maw on this show that you know some poor PA's got to hang onto a nasty-ass spit bucket for him just off-camera during what must be multiple takes of these shots, because there's no way in hell he actually devours that much crap and still maintains that trim figure of his. NO WAY. In any event, Mary joins him at the kitchen table, and after a bit of business that involves Dean LYING TO HIS POOR UNDEAD MOTHER about taking the day off from work "at the garage," Dean notices with undue amounts of concern that her lawn's a little shaggy. Mary stares in disbelief. "You want to mow the lawn?" "You kidding me?" Dean replies, still with a mouthful of bacon. "I'd love to mow the lawn." Mary's all, "Knock yourself out," before giving a little roll of her eyes and lightly offering, "You'd think you'd never mowed a lawn in your life." Dean, with his back to her, still looking out the window, wiggles his eyebrows around, all, " that you mentioned it."

As Joey Ramone's version of "What A Wonderful World" kicks into gear on the soundtrack, Dean rips the cord on the lawnmower, and I really want to hate the montage that follows, but I love the song, and Dean's just such a dippy, happy-looking goofball throughout it all that I find myself smiling anyway. The fact that the lawnmower doesn't have blades? Why, that's simply Sign Number Five That Things Are Not Quite Right With El Deano! No, it's not another example of shitty, nonexistent-budget production design. It's a Sign. No, seriously. No, seriously. NO SERIOUSLY AND SHUT UP I AM NOT SYCOTIC IM TELLING YOU TEH TRUTH and look! There's even a white picket fence out front! With roses! Awww. And after El Deano's cheerfully waved at the neighbor across the way who's clearly about to call the police because some whackjob's tooling across Mary Winchester's lawn with a mower that has no blades, and after El Deano's settled himself comfortably on the front steps with an El Sol beer to bask in the sun and the satisfaction of a no-blade lawnmowing job well done, up rolls a little foreign import from which The Ginormotron eventually unfolds all fifteen feet of himself. Sign Number Six That Things Are Not Quite Right With El Deano? Sam's wearing pastels. Sign Number Seven? Sam's coif is fabulous. Also in the car? An entirely unflambéed Jessica Moore, of course! Hi, Jess! I wish I could say I tuned in every week to your afterlife on that football show, but I only caught the premiere and the finale, and I'm afraid Kyle Chandler's Hair left more of an impression than you did. Don't feel bad, though -- Kyle Chandler's Hair left more of an impression than pretty much everyone else in the cast, including Kyle Chandler himself.

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