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The Last Temptation Of The Hardy Boys

Back at the Winchester homestead, there's a hideous photograph composed of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's head glued onto the body of some guy holding a massive fish, so let's ignore all of that to watch as the family arrives from dinner, the ladies chattering discreetly amongst themselves in the background while Sam pulls Dean aside in the front to wonder what gives with his bizarre behavior at the restaurant. After Dean hastily LIES that he thought he saw someone he knew, Mary thanks them all for a wonderful birthday, and retires upstairs for the evening. Sam proposes he and Jess do the same, but Dean points out that it's barely nine o'clock, and what with Sam's engagement, the younguns have some celebrating to do. When Sam politely declines and Dean obliviously presses the issue, Carmen and Jessica shoot each other Looks Fraught With Significance until Sam asks the ladies for a little alone time with his brother. And in Sign Number Ten That Things Are Not Quite Right With El Deano, after the gals have disappeared into the kitchen, Sam reveals that he pretty much hates Dean's smarmy, ATM-card-snaking, graduation-bailing, prom-date-banging guts. For yes, in the world in which The Ceiling Demon left the Winchesters entirely unmolested, Dean was a right little bastard to his younger brother, to the point that now they speak only on holidays, and then just barely. Mind you, Sam's reached a place of forgiveness about it all, and God knows he'd never ask Dean to change who he is, but they have nothing in common at all, so this little "warm, fuzzy, Ecstasy trip thing" Dean's been on over the last couple of days? Is chafing The Ginormotron's ass. And that's a lot of fine ass to chafe. Just saying. Dean, stunned and more than a little heartbroken, attempts to splutter out something about all the fun times they've had while hunting, but in this world, of course, Sam's never so much as held a gun in his entire life. Sam shrugs it all off and moves to join Jessica in the kitchen, but at the last moment turns to eye Dean with concern, and rather significantly suggests, "Get some rest." Dean, lost, watches silently as Sam disappears.

Later that evening, a reflective Dean's changed into some plaid flannel from the uncomfortable shirt-and-tie combo he'd worn to their mother's party, and he's crashed out on the sofa in his apartment while Carmen grabs him a bottle of El Sol from the fridge. After she joins him on the couch, he admits he's deeply disappointed that he and Sam don't get along as well as they should. Carmen offers some words of advice, but what's most important about this little scene is when Dean confides that just recently, he's felt like he's been given a second chance at life, and he wants to atone for all of his apparent transgressions. That's crazy talk to Carmen, of course, but she agrees that whatever he's been going through lately has been for the better, and they mack for a bit until she rises to get ready for her night shift at the hospital, where she's a nurse. Dean marvels at the respectability of his girlfriend's profession -- I guess he thought he'd end up with a stripper -- and after she's gone, he finds himself channel surfing in the middle of the night, despite the fact that the time-stamp on Bloomberg News claims it's 9 AM Central. Ooops. In any event, he eventually lands on the KJLT Channel 15 news, which features Sign Number Eleven That Things Are Not Quite Right With El Deano: A story on the one-year anniversary of the crash of United Britannia Flight 424. Dean shoots forward in his seat. "We stopped that!"

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