What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

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Going, Going... Gone
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THEN! Dean came back from Purgatory and reunited with Sam. Then he was kind of evasive about just how he survived (he has a secret new vampire friend) and exactly what happened to Castiel (who is either dead or close enough). The Winchesters don't like to talk about their feelings except for when they talk about them all the time. One thing's for sure: Dean came back from Purgatory with a lot more hugs to give out. Kevin Tran became a Prophet of the Lord, got kidnapped by Crowley, managed to escape and then got ignored by Sam for a year. While in demonic captivity, Kevin learned that Crowley had found another Word of God, this one about how to banish all demons from Earth forever. This made Dean feel all tingly.

NOW! Chicago, Illinois. A young woman leads a frail-looking older gentleman to a safe deposit vault. "So sorry to have kept you waiting, Mr. Vili," she says. "It's just been so long since you checked in with us, we had to dig through our archives." He would have gotten there sooner, but he had to stop off in 1939 to pick up his outfit. His deposit box is so old that its number is a single digit: 1. Instead of leaving the room and minding her own business while Mr. Vili sorts through his possessions like she should have, Miss Nosy sticks around she can be nosy and die. She gasps to see what Mr. Vili has pulled out of his deposit box. "Is that... a bone?" she asks. He turns the object this way and that, admiring it. "Not just any bone, my dear - an extremely valuable one." It looks like a rhinoceros horn covered in pork floss. Miss Nosy looks positively queasy, but offers her further assistance to Mr. Vili. He says he would like to make a withdrawal. Miss Nosy smiles, then gasps in horror at whatever Mr. Vili is doing out of frame. The camera suddenly pans right, which means there's about to be a blood splatter on the nearest wall. Aaand... there it is. Right on time. The title card blazes onto the screen.

The Winchesters and the Lord's Littlest Prophet, have stopped off for a nosh somewhere en route to retrieving the Word of God. Dean is chowing down on a burger with what appears to be a whole wheat bun. A whole wheat bun, people. He's farther gone than we thought. We've joined the group in mid-conversation. His cheek bulging like a chipmunk on a walnut binge, Dean mumbles, "Are you kidding me? You're kidding me." Kevin has asked that they swing by home to check on his mother. "It's a day's drive in the opposite direction!" Dean protests, like that's any considerable distance for the Impala. "Yes, I understand we're in a hurry," Kevin says. "Then what's the problem?" Dean asks. "Channing's broken neck is my problem!" Kevin very nearly shouts. Dean rolls his eyes as if Kevin were asking if they could go home to make sure he'd set his DVR correctly. Considering how much his own mother's death has shaped his life, you'd think Dean would be a wee bit more sympathetic. Kevin lowers his voice. "I'd rather not see my mom twisted into a corkscrew."

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