What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

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Tippi Blevins: B+ | 5 USERS: B+
Going, Going... Gone

Mama Crowley admires her handiwork. "Can't do all my tricks, but I can do enough," she says. So being in a human body weakens him? The Winchesters should remember that for later. She reaches for the tablet. Kevin finally snaps out of his boredom and shrieks, "Get out of her!" Dean grabs his demon knife out of the contraband box. Sam tackles Mama Crowley to the floor. Then, for some reason, he lets her back up. "Getting in touch with your feminine side, Crowley?" Dean snarks. Crowley doesn't have anything in the Moleskine for that, so she just lamely says, "Something like that." Dean and Sam stand between Mama Crowley and Kevin, but she makes a break for it instead of trying to nab Kevin. Dean chases after her. Beau grabs a gun from somewhere and starts shooting in Sam and Kevin's general direction. For a moment, Sam finds himself hiding behind an upturned table with Vili. Sam eyes Mjölnir, which Vili is still hugging. Beau has Kevin in his sights. Suddenly, Sam pops up behind Beau and thacks him upside the head with Thor's hammer. The air crackles with electricity. Sam stands there panting in the afterglow of all that power. Vili, who apparently loaned Mjölnir to Sam willingly, now wants it back. Sam starts to hand it over, then remembers those bloody virgin bits and thwacks Vili, too. He drops the hammer to the floor where it will probably be forgotten for no logical reason.

Meanwhile, Dean catches up to Mama Crowley and grabs her with such force that the tablet goes flying from her hands. It slides across the floor. Dean has the demon knife up to Mama Crowley's throat. Just when it looks like Dean's going to overpower her and send Crowley to oblivion, Kevin comes running into the room. It distracts Dean just enough that Mama Crowley is able to shove Dean away. She throws back her head and vomits up a plume of red smoke. The smoke escapes through the nearest door. A moment later, Crowley walks back through the same door, once more in his regular body. He dusts off his hands and picks up the Word of God. "Good luck closing the gates to Hell without this," he says. So he does know what the tablet is really for. Did he just guess? Mama Tran sits slumped against the wall, alive but unable to speak. For some reason, he doesn't grab Kevin right then and there. Instead, he offers this bit of unsolicited advice: "Run... run far and run fast, because the Winchesters have a habit of using people up and then watching them die bloody." Yeah, they like to possess people and then leave them as unresponsive as a rutabaga. Oh, wait, that's you, little Mister King of Hell. But the episode needed a guilt bridge for the last scene and this is it. Dean seethes as he watches Crowley walk off with their prize.

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