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Going, Going... Gone

Denouement. They've gotten Mama Tran into a chair, but she just stares off into space. Maybe she's in a vegetative state. Maybe she's having flashbacks. Dean tries to sound encouraging about Mama Tran's future, but Kevin's not really hearing him. "You tried to kill her," he says. He asks to have a moment alone with his mom. The Winchesters oblige and leave the room so they can have their own little moment. Sam acts all disturbed about Dean's apparent willingness to kill Mama Tran because this show really needs to make up its collective mind about whether or not human hosts are acceptable collateral damage. You can't shove a demon back into a human body for the purpose of killing that demon, regard the human's death as necessary in the next scene and then later act like the exact same thing is wrong when someone else does it. Sam himself stabbed the mailman through the heart to kill a demon. Surely he's somebody's father or son, no different from Mama Tran except that the Winchesters didn't have a bond with that poor schmuck. Either all meat suits are fair game or none of them are. They're trying to show that Dean is different since Purgatory, and that he's different from Sam, and that gets muddled when both characters are doing the same things. But back to the recap: Dean's only regret is that he didn't kill Crowley when he had the chance. Sam looks so, so sad.

When the brothers go back to check on the Trans, they find the room empty. Dean picks up a note left behind on Kevin's chair. Kevin has taken his mother and gone on the lam. Sam worries about Crowley finding them. "What's that kid thinking?" he wonders. Dean reads further along in the note for the answer: "He thinks people I don't need anymore end up dead." There's the other side of the guilt bridge and this is where it leads: Dean remembers the last time he saw Castiel, holding onto someone's arm, probably his own, as the sleeve looks like leather. He remembers Castiel losing his grip as he tries to climb up a rocky hillside. Castiel calls his name again and again, eyes wide and pleading. It's on this tantalizingly terrible image that the episode ends. If there's one thing thus far that this season has managed to do better than the last, it's to make the next episode seem too far away.

Tippi Blevins has been possessed by a recapping demon. Send holy water to, or chant spells at her on Twitter: @TippiB.

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