What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

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Going, Going... Gone

Sam, who's been sitting quietly this whole time, pipes up with, "Kid's got a point, Dean." Dean argues that Kevin's mom is fine because Crowley needs her to be. He says she's probably surrounded by demons right now, protecting her, so that they can grab Kevin when he shows up. It's... not the strongest argument. She could be possessed by a demon and it wouldn't matter if she were dead or alive. Kevin has not been made to feel better by Dean's arguments. Sam looks worried as this conversation has gone on, but says nothing. Dean is determined to get to the Word of God as quickly as possible, work the spell and send all the demons back to Hell. He talks like he's going to retire, says something about "sunshine and sandy beaches," but can you imagine him ever truly retiring? Kicking back in socks and sandals without losing his mind? Kevin makes one last plea: "Dean, my mom's all alone. She's surrounded by demons. Can you really not understand why I want to make sure she's okay?" Dean rolls his eyes again, looks to Sam for backup and gets none. He throws up his arms. "Fine! Let's go." You big softie, you.

So it's back to Michigan we go. The Winchesters and their charge park across the street from the Tran house. With binoculars, Sam spots Mama Tran standing in the window. Khaira Ledeyo played her the last time we saw her, but now she's played by Lauren Tom. Kevin grabs the binoculars so he can see her for himself. "She seems okay," Kevin says. She drifts away from the window, head bowed. "Sad, but okay." Meanwhile, Dean has sized up the situation and noticed that the mailman has stopped by the Trans' mailbox three times since they showed up. He's also got his eye on the gardener, who's been spending an awful lot of time watering a single plant. Purgatory has honed his hunting skills.

The gardener finally moves on to another plant, only to discover something's gone wrong with the hose. When he goes to check the faucet, Dean jumps him and stabs him through the heart with the demon-killing knife. Luckily, the gardener really was a demon and not just an absentminded regular person. The mailman hears the ruckus and comes to have a look-see. This time it's Sam who does the stabbing. The mailman sizzles and falls to the ground, dead.

Inside, Mama Tran and a friend chat over tea and cards. "He'll be back. You just have to believe," says the friend. "Thanks, Eunice," Mama Tran says. "I do believe. I just... wish I could do more." Speaking of doing more, why doesn't Crowley actually do something to lure Kevin? Just letting him show up on his own sweet time doesn't seem very proactive. Is he too busy coming up with new ways to insult the Winchesters? Eunice assures her that she's doing the right thing just by baiting for Kevin. Er, waiting for him. Just then, a knock comes at the front door and Mama Tran finds herself face to face with her baby boy. She lights up. It's like a wonderful, beautiful dream that's finally coming true. Violin music swells. Mama Tran moves to hug her long-lost son, but Dean and Sam step between them and splash her with holy water and borax. The violin music cuts off abruptly. Mama Tran sputters with mingled indignation and confusion. Both are perfectly normal, human reactions. Dean gives Kevin the go-ahead to hug his mom.

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