What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

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Going, Going... Gone

While the Trans are enjoying their reunion, Sam sniffs the air. "Do you smell that?" he asks. Toucan Sam follows his nose to the kitchen, where friendly Eunice suddenly vomits up a geyser of black smoke. Sam starts hurling some Latin, forcing the demon back into her body. Dean and the Trans rush into the kitchen just in time to witness this. Dean stabs Eunice in the gut, causing her to fizzle and spark like a scrap of aluminum in a microwave oven. She falls heavily to the floor. "Eunice!" Mama Tran cries. "That's not Eunice," Dean says.

Some time later, they all have a sit-down in the living room. Mama Tran stares off into space as the Winchesters explain that her friend was possessed by a demon. Thinking that his mom isn't quite getting it, Kevin helpfully asks, "Have you ever seen the Exorcist?" Mama Tran snaps out of it and gives him a great "bitch, please" face. She turns her attention to Dean. "Did you really have to kill her?" she asks. "Demon would have warned Crowley where Kevin was if we didn't," Dean says. Kevin nods his agreement. They inform her that Crowley is the one who kidnapped Kevin, which is true, except that the last time Mama Tran saw her son, he was being kidnapped by the Leviathans. So apparently Edgar the Leviathan took Kevin but then inexplicably left the mom alone so that she could go about having tea and playing cards with her friends. Maybe the reason the bad guys keep losing is that they just don't want it enough.

Anyway, Kevin says Crowley is after him to translate the tablet so he can take over the universe. Dean and Sam tell Mama Tran that they're going to close the gates of Hell forever. She takes this all in, then gives her boy a long, considering look. "Prophet of the Lord, huh? That does have a nice ring to it." Yeah, but it's no Princeton. She invites herself along for the trip over the Winchesters' protestations. Sam describes all the horrible things that Crowley could do to her. He could take her soul, torture her, make her watch the last two seasons of this show. Mama understands the risks, but she can't be persuaded to let them take her to a safe house. She crosses her arms and gives the Winchesters a defiant look. Dean tries to get Kevin to talk to his mom, but he's more scared of her than he ever was of Crowley. Dean can't help but be just a little bit impressed with Mama Tran and finally agrees to take her along on their road trip. Still, he takes some delight in telling her she's going to have to get an anti-demon tattoo first. Sam pulls aside the neck of his shirt to show off his ink. Dean smiles as if expects this to be a deal breaker for Mama Tran, but she's cool with it. "Like it's my first tattoo," she scoffs. Kevin gapes at his mom. He's been abducted Leviathans, demons, and angels, but the thought of his mom being kind of cool may be the most shocking thing he's ever faced.

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