What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

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Going, Going... Gone

Cut to Ye Olde Tattoo Emporium, where the Trans get their arms inked in adjacent chairs. Kevin whimpers and writhes and huffs while Mama Tran remains utterly calm. She even has a little smile on her face. She reaches over to hold her baby's hand. Dean and Sam watch the whole thing with amusement. "You smell that, Sammy?" Dean asks. "Burning flesh?" Sam guesses. "Revenge," Dean tells him. Presumably he means revenge against Crowley and not against Kevin for being a whiny little wiener, but both are applicable. While they're waiting, Dean asks Sam how he did the reverse exorcism on Eunice. Sam says he just said the verse backwards. Dean is impressed, but Sam acts like it's no big. Kevin has moved on from whimpering to full-on screeching. Shut up, Kevin. At least it's a fairly cool tattoo. What if the symbol to keep demons out was a picture of a baboon's inflamed ass or something?

Next stop: Laramie, Wyoming. At some point during his year on the lam, Kevin hid the Word of God in a bus station locker. After checking around to make sure there aren't any demons afoot, Dean opens the locker and finds (wait for it!) bubkes. Next time Kevin wants to keep something safe, he should hide it on Dean's person. Nobody would be able to find it under the myriad layers of his clothes. Today, for instance, he is wearing a tee and two long-sleeve shirts. Two! He's like some kind of sexy hobo. Sam gives Dean a prissy little "told you so" look, even though it was Dean who wanted to skip the family reunion and find the tablet as quickly as possible. "Shut up!" Dean says to Sam's look because, yeah.

The show takes a commercial break so that the brothers can go put on business suits. They ask a security guard about the lockers and learn that someone named Clem Smedley has been plundering them. He was a former guard himself before he realized he was missing his calling as a thief. The current guard directs them to the county jail.

Up to now, the episode has felt a bit plodding and mechanical, with everyone moving dutifully from point to point in the plot, but it's about to get better. So much better.

The Winchesters and their suits pay Clem a visit at the jail. While Sam assumes the role of Good Cop, Dean paces around the interrogation room, instantly impatient. Sam asks Clem about the missing tablet. "Can I even answer that without my lawyer present?" Clem asks. "I'm sure we can work out a little something-something with the locals if you just cooperate," Sam says. Dean starts zoning out. Sam and Clem's voices sound distant. The room goes hazy. For the rest of the scene, Dean exists both in the past and present, in Purgatory and in the interrogation room. In his memory of the past, he and Benny have some kind of monster man tied up to a tree. Benny: "I don't think he knows, man." Dean doesn't buy that. He gets all up in the monster's face. "Where's the angel?" Dean smiles like maybe he doesn't want the answer to come too easily, like maybe he's having a little too much fun with this. He blinks and he's back in the interrogation room with Clem and Sam. Dean undoes his tie as if to make himself more comfortable, except his expression is utterly terrifying.

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