What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

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Going, Going... Gone

In a blur, he slips his tie around Clem's neck and yanks him up out of his seat. Dean shoves him up against a wall and reaches into his pocket for the demon knife. He presses the blade to Clem's throat. "You feel that?" Dean asks. Sam calls out his brother's name, but Dean isn't listening. Another flashback to Purgatory and the monster tells Dean about a stream that leads to a clearing. "You'll find your angel there." (A portion of the fandom notices the use of the possessive and promptly squeals at a frequency only heard by bats.) As the monster confesses in Dean's past, Clem in the present is confessing to selling the tablet to a pawn shop. Dean gives his captive monster a very pretty smile, then stabs him through the lower jaw so that the bloody blade is visible through his open mouth. Benny lowers his gaze and bows his head. A vampire disturbed by death? Or is he afraid his human ticket out of Purgatory is losing his humanity? Clem does not suffer the same fate, but Dean looks sorely tempted.

The gang pull up outside the pawn shop and take notice of the very red, very shiny Ferrari parked out front. Inside, Sam approaches a guy behind the counter. "Agents Neil and Sixx, we're with the FBI," he says. The guy jumps to his feet and shouts, "That is clearly a lie! Those are Motley Crue names! You are lying liars who lie!" Or maybe the big dullard just sits there and listens to their spiel about the pilfered tablet and then pretends like he's never heard of it. Dean makes some threat about getting rough with him, but the guy points out the security cameras. Like they wouldn't just erase the footage afterwards. Mama Tran tries a different approach: "Is that your car outside?" The pawn guy scoffs. "What's it to you, mail order?" Dean slams his hand down on the counter. "Hey, pal!" Mama Tran doesn't need anybody defending her, though, and proceeds to smoothly take control of the situation. She guesses (correctly) that it's his Ferrari parked outside, and that he acquired it so recently that he hasn't even paid the taxes on it yet. She threatens to turn him over to the tax assessor's office. "So, what's it going to be?" she asks. "The tablet, or that piece of Eurotrash crap you call a car?" Dean and Sam make proud faces. The pawn guy stews in the juices of his own hot, bitter defeat.

The information he gives them leads them to a tacky little motel, where they're met by a little man who's dressed like he's going to Willy Wonka's wedding. He reveals that knows all about the prophet, the Winchesters and the missing tablet. He introduces himself as "Beau" and kisses Mama Tran's hand, much to her delight. However, it soon becomes clear that he's up to something sinister when he invites Kevin to an auction where the tablet will be sold. Dean's not down with that, but Beau assures him that they have a strict policy against curses and supernatural trickery. He gives them his word as the "right hand" of the god Plutus. "Is that even a planet anymore?" Dean jokes. Lord, please let it be a joke. Beau gives him a disdainful look. "It's the god of greed," he says, "and my liege has warded these premises against Hell, Heaven and beyond." He talks it up as the safest place Kevin could possibly be, which means it's the complete opposite of that. Beau flits away, leaving the gang to wonder how they're going to come up with enough money to bid on the Word of God. Sam starts eyeing the Impala even though he's just seen how quickly Dean is with the violence lately. Then it occurs to him that Kevin just read the tablet at the auction and they won't have to buy it. It's such a simple plan that it's destined to succeed!

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