What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

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Going, Going... Gone

Speaking of whom: Samandriel wants to know what happened to Dean's angel. Dean tells him about killing Dick Roman and ending up in Purgatory. Samandriel asks if Castiel managed to escape with Dean. Dean's steely silence is answer enough. Samandriel looks utterly crestfallen. His sad, sad face under that ridiculous Wiener Hut cap is just perfection. "You know," he begins, "there are some in Heaven who still believe, despite his mistakes, that Castiel's heart was always in the right place." But then, he says, took much heart was always Castiel's problem. As Samandriel trudges away, Dean decides it's time for another flashback, even though everyone's waiting for him at the auction.

Purgatory. Castiel washes his hands in a sparklingly clear stream. His wrist still bears the medical ID tag from when he healed Sam's craziness and then went crazy himself. Also, how nice was it of God to put a lovely little stream in the middle of Purgatory? The condemned have a nice place to get a drink and tidy up and maybe do a spot of fly fishing. Castiel looks like a slice of fresh hell, which is to say that he looks pretty good, because he still looks like Misha Collins. He is scruffy and his long-suffering coat look like monsters have been using it as toilet paper, but you can't hide that level of hotness. You just can't. Dean emerges from the clearing and sees him. "Cass!" Castiel doesn't immediately react to the sound of Dean's familiar growl, but glances around as if checking for danger. For a moment, Dean's smile is the brightest thing in all of Purgatory as he grabs Castiel for a hug. Finally, a hug. A full-body, chin-on-the-shoulder, ear-to-ear hug. Alas, it seems a bit one-sided as Castiel's arms remain at his sides. "Damn, it's good to see you," Dean says. He touches Castiel's scruffy cheek with his finger. "Nice peach fuzz." Unlike Dean, Castiel did not bring a grooming kit to Purgatory. Dean introduces Castiel to Benny, who mutters a dutiful "hola" while looking like he'd rather be anywhere else at the moment. Castiel doesn't look very happy, either. "How did you find me?" he asks. "The bloody way," Dean says. "You feeling okay?" he asks. Castiel assures Dean he's perfectly sane, although he allows as how most crazy people think they're sane.

Before Castiel can go rambling on about the nature of sanity, Benny cuts him off: "Why'd you bail on Dean?" Dean's like, "Dude!" Y'all don't have to fight over me! But Benny presses on. "The way I hear it, you two hit Monster Land and Hot Wings here took off." To Dean he says, "I figure he owes you some back story." How long have Benny and Dean been tooling around Purgatory together that they feel so protective of one another? Hot Wings doesn't say anything, so Dean answers for him, saying that they were surrounded and obviously he got jumped by monsters. "No, I ran away," Castiel confesses. Dean goes from defending his angel to simmering with rage. It comes so easily and so quickly because the fear has been in the back of his mind all this time. It didn't take much to bring it to the fore. "You bailed out and, what, went camping? I prayed to you, Cass, every night!" Castiel can't quite look at him. "I know," he says softly. That just fans the flames even more. Castiel tries to explain, but everything he says makes him sound like a coward and traitor. He's an angel in the land of monsters. Everything wants to hunt him, including Leviathans. "I have a price on my head," he says angrily, "and I've been trying to stay one step ahead of them to - " He stops himself for a moment, calms down and finishes: " - to keep them away from you." Dean's whole face softens as he realizes what Castiel has been doing for him. If ever there was a time for his patented Single Tear of Manly Pain, it would be now, but he keeps himself together. Benny's all for leaving Castiel behind, but Dean tells his angel that they know of a way out. Castiel is reluctant, but then Dean starts talking about how much he needs him and Castiel's eyes grow three times bigger and sadder. He thinks it's too dangerous, but Dean's ready to take on the Leviathans again if he needs to. "Let me bottom-line it for you: I'm not leaving without you." How can Castiel refuse an invitation like that? He can't.

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