What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

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Going, Going... Gone

Kevin vanishes from his seat and reappears chained to the podium next to Plutus. Mama Tran offers to fork over everything she owns, but Plutus has no use for her house and 401(k). Desperate, she bids her soul. Plutus is intrigued. Crowley tries to counter with a million souls, but Plutus says it's not about the quantity. "This little lady's soul is the most valuable thing she has - it's everything," Plutus says. "Are you willing to offer everything, Mr. Crowley?" The discordant background music crescendos. With his most dramatic flair, Crowley offers up his own soul. Plutus laughs because Crowley doesn't have one of those. He turns to Mama Tran: "Congrats, sweetheart." She cries with relief, but it's a bittersweet victory.

After the auction, she waits with Sam and Dean. They try to let her know what she's in for, living without a soul. Sam, after all, knows from experience. She's utterly terrified, but terribly brave. When Beau comes for her, she asks to have a moment to herself. "Dean, this sucks," Sam says as he and his brother leave the room. Dean is more pragmatic: "You kidding me? We're about to close the Gates of Hell forever. If you ask me, we got off cheap." Oh, Dean. Dean, Dean, Dean. Mama Tran gathers up her courage as best she can and goes to meet her fate. Samandriel approaches her and introduces himself as Alfie the angel. Even on her way to the spiritual gallows, she finds some amusement in his Wiener Hut outfit. "What you did in here was amazing," Samandriel says, his tone that of a reverent fanboy. He promises her that he and his angel friends will protect Kevin, but Mama Tran remembers the last time angels were supposed to watch over Kevin. She opts to leave her baby boy in the care of the Winchesters, a decision which Samandriel accepts without bruised ego.

Awkward fade to the back room. Vili hugs Thor's hammer and coos, "Oh, Mjölnir, I've missed you." When it's finally Mama Tran's time to pay up, Kevin looks only very slightly concerned. He could be making a grocery list in his head. At first I thought this was a sign that something was a little hinky with Kevin, but now I wonder if the actor just didn't know the camera was on him. Plutus holds his hands out to Mama Tran. When she reaches for him, her sleeve rides up a bit, showing the burn mark on her arm where her tattoo used to be. Dean notices this at once and grabs her. "Hello, boys," she says in Crowley's voice. Cheesy! Her eyes go red and she flings Sam and Dean across the room. Plutus gapes. "You can't! My warding spells," he says. "Your Girl Friday showed me a few loopholes," Mama Tran says. She's back to her regular voice, but because Lauren Tom is an amazing voice actor, she puts just a slightly different inflection to it. You can hear the Crowley in her. A quick flashback shows Beau burning off her tattoo sometime between the end of her chat with Samandriel and this scene. (Somehow, even though she was screaming quite a bit, the Winchesters didn't hear her.) Beau, having been bought off with promises of his own tropical island, runs his boss through with a wooden stake. Even gods can't find good help these days. Mama Crowley grabs the exit-wound end of the weapon, yanks it the rest of the way through and then hurls it into an auction minion, who has absolutely the most perfect reaction to finding a stake suddenly protruding from his heart.

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