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Two Hardy Boys In A Fountain
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THEN! Dean groans as he struggles to rise from his own grave. What is it with TV shows dragging a character out of Hell (or Hea-ven) without pre-digging the grave? Castiel tells Dean, "I dragged you out of Hell; I can throw you back in. You should show me some respect." Show Barnes' eyes are burnt out of her head from looking upon Castiel's true visage. Dean fights Henrikson's ghost. Castiel tells Dean he'll have more decisions to make. Sam asks Dean what Hell was like. Dean, a LYING LIAR WHO LIES lies that he must have blacked it out, because he doesn't remember a damned thing. To emphasize that he's a LYING LIAR WHO LIES, Dean has a flashback to Hell. Castiel introduces Uriel, who appears to be the angel of rainbows, unicorns, and daisy meadows. Or maybe he's a Town Smiting Specialist, First Class. Uriel tells Sam that the only reason he's alive is because he's been useful. "The moment that ceases to be true, I will turn you to dust." They stare at one another, then Uriel adds, "Ask Dean what he remembers from Hell."

NOW! Someone's in the shower. Is it Sam? Dean? (God forgive me) Castiel? No, it's some woman we've never seen before. Boo hiss. Someone nekkid lurks outside the shower in the shadows. It is Sam? Dean? (God forgive me) Castiel? No. It's some über-pale, naked red head, who looks like Malachi from Children of the Corn. Boo hiss. The woman continues to rinse her hair in that way male directors have women rinse their hair, which would remove no shampoo or conditioner, but it sure looks pretty on film. The woman shuts off the water and turns to face Malachi, who disappears into thin air, before she can see his nekkid self through the glass shower door. So yeah, she's a lucky duck. She wraps a towel around her body and another around her hair as the invisible Malachi watches. Still invisible, he leaves wet footprints across the floor as he approaches the woman. She hears him and calls out, "Hello? Is anybody there?" Nobody answers. She takes the towel off her head and throws it across the room. It lands, not on the floor, but on Malachi's still invisible head. In the mirror, she catches sight of her towel taking on a head shape and hanging (apparently) in mid-air. The woman turns to face her invisible stalker. He lets out a shaky, "Um, hello Mrs. Armstrong," and the TwoP mods spring into action, banning him for beginning a comment with um. [And don't PM me telling me he wasn't being rude. He's naked while spying on her, while she is naked. Rude. --Barnes] Armstrong lets out the kind of scream not heard since the RNC got the bill from Saks and Neiman Marcus. The title card flaps its way across the screen on bat-like angel wings. And? My spellcheck seems disabled. ASdfjasldkj. as;dlfj;a>L llooolk. Oh, crap. Dear editors, I'm sorry. I'll do my best. I used to be able to spell, but then I found the internet.

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