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Two Hardy Boys In A Fountain

From the backseat of Metallicar, Wes slumps like a pouty teenager as he tries to rationalize his actions, but Sam and Dean aren't having any of it. I'm not quoting them though, because I'm mad at them. Although they condemn Wes for making the wish, and correctly assess that his relationship with Hope is "dysfunctional," there's never a thought for the reality of what's happening to this woman. She's been brainwashed into thinking she loves this guy. It's all discussed from the point of view that it's going south -- with nary a thought to the fact that it was wrong from the get-go. By the way Raimi (and I understand he's a Supernatural fan who sought a guest appearance) is fabulous in this episode. He makes it difficult to dislike Wes, but I'm wearing my resolve face. The car hits something in the road, but the guys can't see anything. As Metallicar drives off, we see nekkid Malachi. Again. Ugh. We won't get into the gender issues in that plotline, but they're also a mess. The boys give Wes their fatalistic worldview: you're not supposed to get what you want. That's sort of depressing, boys. Have you considered taking an SSRI? Wes counters that it's easy for good looking "jerks" like them (which I enjoy a little too much on account of my still being miffed at them), because women look at them. There's more fatalism: People are the miserable bastards they are because they never get what they want, but if they got what they wanted, they'd end up crazy. Dean says, "Take a look at Michael Jackson. Or Hasselhoff." Let's see -- Duchovny, Jackson, Hasselhoff. Kripke and Edlund are lucky only 47 of us watch this show (and that includes Raoul) or he'd be making some Hollywood enemies.

Wes counters that Hope loves him now, "Completely. Besides, look around. Where's all this insanity you guys were talking about?" In town, Todd's tormentors are hiding from him in the sort of ginormous SUV that must have been impossible to keep gassed up until the economy landed in the hopper. Todd's outside it, and it's plain the other boys are scared to death of him. And they should be. He tips the SUV over on its side, without breaking a sweat. Dean tells Wes, "Well, that should cover it, as Todd bellows, "KNEEL BEFORE TODD!" Okay, that's tied with the tea party line. He shakes his fists and hollers again. "KNEEL BEFORE TODD!"

Todd shakes the SUV by pushing on its now exposed undercarriage. Dean hops out of the car to try to intervene and tells Sam to get Wes to "Lucky Chin's." Dean tells Todd he knows the other kids have been bullying him. Todd says it's been every day and Dean does not know what it's like. Dean says, "Well no, I don't." And smiles! "'But you're you and I'm me, so..." Oh, Todd. Go ahead and make him kneel, honey. Todd explains that he couldn't stop them. "But then Audrey Elmer told me the wishing well worked." Dean tells them that they're stupid little jerks, but Todd is super-human. "And with great power, comes great r..." Todd punches Dean in the face and sends him flying through the air and into a pile of trash, which he totally deserves, right now.

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