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Two Hardy Boys In A Fountain

Sam and Wes pull up to Lucky Chin's. Wes is still in disbelief over a little kid turning over a car. Sam says, "You should have seen the teddy bear. Now come on, it's time to pull the coin." Wes doesn't move from the curb. "Well, why can't we just get what we want." Sam says, "Because that's life, Wes," and then lightning strikes him, and blows him clean out of his sneakers. He lands on the sidewalk. Dead. Again? Hey, I've died twice. If Dean sells his soul to T. Bear to get him back (or barfs up a snake), I am out. That's all Wes needs. He walks right over Sam's corpse and into the restaurant, where he finds Hope standing in front of the fountain. "I had to do it, didn't I? He was going to make you wish away our love."

Dean struggles his way out of the trash heap and storms back toward Todd. "Hey kid, I didn't want to have to do this." He punches Todd in the face, which is so frigging disturbing and hurts his hand. Yay! Ahem, I mean poor Dean. Todd throttles him, and we cut to Chin's. Wes can't believe Hope wished a man dead. She says she had to. She loves him more than anything -- more than herself -- more than life. He tells her to stop saying that, but she can't, of course, because that was his wish. She begs him not to hate her and they kiss. As they embrace, he assures her everything will be all right. He reaches into the fountain to pull out the coin. We cut to Todd, still throttling Dean. We cut to Sam, still dead. Wes pulls the coin out. A change comes over Hope's face. Todd releases Dean. Sam gasps and wakes.

As Dean struggles to breathe, Todd looks like he's going to cry. Dean rises to his feet. "Okay, follow my lead and you won't have a problem." Dean backs his way over to where the former tormentors are climbing out of the SUV, shouting, "Okay man. No more. No more!" He looks at the bullies. "I wouldn't mess with this kid anymore, if I were you," turns, smirks and walks off. Todd faces them, and one of the boys pleads, "Stay back." Todd smiles and walks away.

In the restaurant, Hope blinks her eyes a few times, and looks around. Wes faces her. "Hope?" She looks at him. "Do I know you?" And even though the restaurant is otherwise empty, she can't be bothered to pay him any more mind than that. She walks out into the sunshine, and gives a curious look to Sam as she passes by. Live well, pretty Hope. Wes exits the restaurant, to the strains to a piece of mournful music I like to think of as, "Pity the Poor Rapist." But I wouldn't, even if this weren't He hands Sam the ancient coin of Raoul, then leaves -- hopefully for a long walk off a short pier.

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