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Two Hardy Boys In A Fountain

The headline of the Concrete News Daily reads: "Winning Lottery Ticket a Fake." Sheesh. Poor George Neuman. For him? I have pity. Holding the original and regular sized T. Bear, Audrey and the badly-sunburned elder Elmers, who seem to be in a daze, walk down the pier. They approach Dean, who is sitting on a bench, and Audrey waves to him. We get a close shot of the back of the bear's head. It's still got the gunshot "wound" which has been semi-secured with some bright red tape. Dean smiles at Audrey as she passes. He waves afterwards, which makes no sense. Oh crap, here comes a rant. Now, if Teddy was back to normal with no gunshot wound, I could handwave away Hope's story, by convincing myself that the wish was undone, and Wes was just left with the memory of it, as his punishment. But since bear still bears his wound, Hope must bear hers, even if she can't remember it, or her assailant.

Sam meets up with Dean and informs him the coin has been melted down and shouldn't cause any more trouble. But we never see it, so we're taking his word for it here. Ahem. Dean says, "Audrey's parents are back from Bali. Looks like all the wishes are gone. And so are we." They walk down the pier and Sam exhales sharply. Dean licks his lips and stops. "Hang on a second." When Sam wants to know why, Dean says, "You were right. I shouldn't have lied to you. I do remember everything that happened to me in the pit. Everything." I think I was in hea-ven. Sorry. He doesn't say anything about heaven at all. Sam asks him to tell him about it. Dean looks him straight in the eyes. "No. I won't lie anymore, but I'm not going to talk about it." Sam says, "Dean, look, you can't just shoulder this thing alone. You've got to let me help." Dean says, "How? Do you really think that a little heart-to-heart -- some sharing and caring is going to change anything? Huh? Somehow... heal me? I'm not talking about a bad day, here." Sam rolls his eyes. "I know that." Dean nearly tears up. "The things that I saw? There aren't words. There is no forgetting. There's no making it better. Because it is right here." He taps two fingers to his temples. "Forever." His face breaks as if he's about to cry, but he swallows it down. "You wouldn't understand. And I could never make you understand. So, I am sorry." Sam gulps, and says nothing as he looks at his broken big brother. Dean can no longer hold his gaze, and looks off over the water as the camera zooms out. Dean starts walking away. Sam follows a few steps behind. Always behind. And we fade to black.

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