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Two Hardy Boys In A Fountain

In downtown Concrete, the sun is shining and so is Metallicar as she pulls into town. The mountains in the background are gorgeous. Since they shoot in Vancouver, I like it when they set their stories in the Pacific Northwest or other mountainous regions, or heck, just non-flat regions, and take advantage of their glorious surroundings. It just doesn't look like Kansas, Kripke. You know what I'm saying? The boys pull up to a row of shops and such, and Dean stops in front of "Lucky Chin's" to let Sam out while he goes to park. A Buddha fountain features prominently in the restaurant. Ted Raimi, looking like Louis Skolnick, strolls by, canoodling with a beautiful woman. We'll call Ted Wesley and the woman Hope, because we'll later learn those are their names, and there are a lot of characters to keep straight in this episode. Hope whispers sweet nothings to Wes, and can't keep her hands off him.

At another table, Mrs. Armstrong, wearing a light blue sling on her right arm, drones on to Sam that she's not surprised the spirit world chose to make contact with her. "I'm something of a... natural sensitive." Multi-tasking, Sam tries to listen like he believes her, while he attempts to keep track of his eyes as they roll clear across the floor. I think one just bounced up into that fountain. "I can sense that about you, Candace, that whole... sensitive thing." Is he flirting? What would Ruby say? Ruby's host might be relieved. Er... not that there's anything going on there. Only a demonic mind would imply such a thing. (I may have gotten e-mail about my Sam/Ruby innuendo being worded too strongly, but I'll never tell. My lips are sealed. I take the fifth. I'll never... tell. Ahem.) Candace says, "So what did you say you were calling your book?" That should totally be their cover, all the time, don't you think? The original premise for the show was a roving reporter. I'm glad we have our hunters, but I like the tie-in. Sam says, "Oh, well, um -- well the working title is Supernatural." SHOUT OUT! Wait. Can they shout out to themselves? Should they? Does it count? I get the feeling Jared Padalecki felt a little silly, there. "Yeah, I've been crossing the country gathering stories like yours. Anyways, you were telling me about your encounter." As she explains how she saw the apparition and started to run, Sam gets an eyeful of Wes making out with Hope, and he can't believe what he's seeing. Realizing he's been ignoring his subject, Sam asks if the ghost chased her. Candace Armstrong says, "Not just that, it knew my name. It kept yelling, "Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. Armstrong, and that's when I hit the stairs and fell." Sam looks surprised. "You fell? The ghost didn't push you?" Candace doesn't know. She thinks maybe it did. Sam asks if she felt like it meant to hurt her. She says, "It was a ghost. I'm lucky to be alive! Anyway, I was at the bottom of the stairs, and that's when it got weird. It helped me up." Sam does a double take. "Say again?" Candace laughs. "Yeah. It helped me up. And it kept saying over and over, 'Please, don't tell my mom'." Sam tries to keep his poker face. "Yeah, that's weird."

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