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Two Hardy Boys In A Fountain

Metallicar waits alone outside the health club. Sam walks by her with nary a glace, and toward Dean who is sitting on the club steps, reading the local paper. Don't feel bad, Baby. You're like the luckiest girl in this whole episode. Really. The headline announces, "Local Man Wins $168M Lottery." Beneath it, there's a picture of the man and a caption that reads: "LUCKY: George Neuman, a resident of Concrete, won yesterday's lottery." Dean didn't get any EMF readings in the shower or anywhere else, and says, "This house is clean." Sam's not surprised. He says he's pretty sure that "Crazy pushed Mrs. Armstrong down the stairs." Dean's disappointed. Sam guesses that's because he wanted to save some naked women. Dean says, "Damn right I wanted to save some naked women." How do they come up with this enthralling dialogue?

As they walk to a nearby pier, a gang of kids is chasing the littlest one of the group. Dean yells, "Run, Forrest. Run." That was MEAN, DEAN. The poor kid looks about seven years old. Sam's used to Dean being a dick (not my words -- his), so he shrugs it off, and announces it doesn't look like there's anything going on in Concrete. Our boys happen upon an older, outdoorsy looking man yelling at the local sheriff. Gus has a large gash on his forehead and claims to have seen Bigfoot. Sheriff Hal tries to convince him it must have been a bear, but Gus knows a bear's tracks when he sees them, and this thing was huge. Sam and Dean wander over and Sam injects himself into the conversation. "'Scuse us. F.B.I." The sheriff says, "Are you frigging kidding me? He's just reporting it, this instant! Oh my stars, I've been bugged. I hope they didn't take note of my long, liquid lunches at Delilah's Den. Obama better fix the economy first and do something about that Patriot Act, second." Or maybe he just says, "What?" Sam, having no idea what the men are discussing says, "Yes sir, we're here about the... um... that," and gestures toward Gus. Luckily, the sheriff is too surprised to be tight-lipped. "About Bigfoot?. Sam presses for more information, and Gus agrees to show them exactly where he ran across the beast.

Alone, in the forest, the Winchesters try to puzzle out what's going on in Concrete -- first with the unreal ghost, and now the Bigfoot sighting. Dean wonders if someone spiked the drinking water with LSD, and then they spot it. There are big, funny looking footprints, in the mud, right in front of them. They're nearly as wide as long, and the toe impressions are as round as can be. It's like no Bigfoot track I've ever seen -- either in hoax-documentation or film. They can only agree it was left by a big... foot. Why it's even bigger than Padalecki's feet!

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