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Two Hardy Boys In A Fountain

Audrey rants that all she ever wanted was for her Teddy to be real, and now he is, but he's sad all the time, and sick in his head, and smells like the bus. She reveals he became real after she wished for it by tossing a coin into the wishing well at Chin's. Dean opens the door to see Teddy again. The bear, in the throes of an existential crisis, bemoans the state of the world. "Why am I here?" Audrey is exasperated. "For tea parties!" I'm sure it loses something without the actress's delivery, but that was probably the best line of the night. Teddy no longer finds solace in tea (he should switch to decaf), so Dean leaves him to his misery and shuts the bedroom door. Sam asks Audrey to give them a second to talk, and they walk down the hall a bit. He whispers to Dean, "Are we... should we... Are we going to kill this teddy bear?" Dean's still trying to let it all sink in. "How? How? Shoot it? Burn it?" Sam says he doesn't know. He looks over his shoulder at Audrey then back at Dean. "Both." Dean's all agitated. "How do we know that's even going to work? I don't want some giant, flaming, pissed off Teddy on our hands." I think I'm going to die. Sam adds that he doesn't think the bear is the core problem here. He asks Audrey where her parents are. She says "My Mom wished they were in Bali, so I think they're in Bali." They tell her that the bear has Lollipop Disease and it's really contagious, so they hustle her off to stay with her neighbor Mrs. Hurley, down the street.

At Chin's, Todd (the little boy who was being chased by the bullies) tosses a coin into the well. He brushes past Sam and Dean as they enter. Dean decides to test if the well really grants wishes by tossing in a coin. A delivery man walks in and says, "Did somebody order a foot long Italian with jalapeƱo?" Bingo! Soon, they're seated at a table, while Dean eats his Italian sub (in the Chinese restaurant, mind you). They decide it works, because his wish was specific. Dean points out the headline about lottery winner, George Neuman. Sam gestures toward the lovely Hope Lynn Casey, who is still fawning over geeky Wesley Mondale. Dean feels like stopping people's wishes from coming true is a douche-y thing to do. Sam reminds him that these things always have consequences, so they agree to put a halt to the wishes, until they figure out what's going on. The owner comes over to tell the boys they can't eat outside food in his restaurant, so they pull out their Health Inspector badges (after Dean pulls out a couple of the wrong badges) and indicate there are reports that the place is infested with rats. They make him shut it down, and drain the fountain.

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