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Two Hardy Boys In A Fountain

After they send Mr. Chin away, Dean tosses Sam a coin and tells him to make a wish. Sam refuses, because it wouldn't be real. He wouldn't trust it. Dean wants to know what he would wish for -- if he could wish himself back to "before it all started." He imagines Sam as a big lawyer living a picket fence life. Sam says, "Not what I'd wish for." Dean questions this. Sam says, "It's too late to go back to our old lives, Dean. I mean, I'm not that guy anymore." Dean still wants to know Sammy's wish. "Lilith's head on a plate. Bloody." Dean smiles at first, and says, "Okay," but his face falls as he looks away from Sam and back down to the fountain. They notice an ancient coin at the bottom that will not move -- even when Dean tries the sledgehammer and crow bar approach, which breaks the hammer, and sends the head flying about two inches from Mr. Chin. They realize magic is protecting the well. Sam does a rubbing of the coin, and sends Dean off to research the image, but I'll tell you who's on it -- that's Raoul. [Raoul only wishes he were that slender. -- Demian]

At the health club, a blonde woman is brushing her hair as wet footprints make their way toward her. Sam bursts into the room. She's not naked, but she's only wearing a towel. Dean is going to be so pissed he had to do the image research. Sam lays a hand upon the invisible boy's shoulder, and the redheaded boy reappears. The woman is shocked. Sam tells her he's with the Health Department, as she runs off. Sam lets the boy know his contempt for the fact that he dropped a coin in a fountain and wished to become invisible, so he could spy on women in the shower. The boy stutters out a denial, but all Sam says to him is, "Put on some pants." He punctuates his next words with sharp pokes to the boy's chest. "And stay... visible." The boy agrees and mopes off.

While walking through town, Dean stares at little Todd chasing his tormentors. The child stops. "You got a problem, mister?" Dean says he doesn't, so Todd glares at him, then rejoins the chase. Dean's stomach rumbles and lurches, and I'm pretty sure he was wrong about not having a problem...

Sam enters their motel room, to hear the melodic strains of his brother puking his guts out. I hate vomit on TV. I hate the sound of it. I hate the sight of it. I'm gagging typing about it, while thanking all that's holy that there's no such thing as Smell-O-Vision. You're not getting any more detail. When Sam calls out to him, Dean says, "The wishes turn bad, Sam. The wishes turn very bad." He attempts to come out of the bathroom and talk to Sam, but has to return almost immediately. I said no details! We finally learn that Dean found some fragments of a legend -- the legend of Tiamat. "The Babylonian god of primordial chaos." (But I'm telling you -- it's Raoul.) Although everything starts out nice when people make wishes, it soon turns bad, just like Dean's 10 Inch hero, er... foot long Italian. In order to remove the coin from the fountain and reverse the ever encroaching chaos, they need to find the first wisher, before things get even crazier. You want crazy? I'll give you crazy. Dean then drinks a beer -- right after he's heaved his guts out. Gag. And just to trump that crazy, we...

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