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Two Hardy Boys In A Fountain

Wes convinces Hope he's not angry, and then she turns all sex-kittenish. "Let me make it up to you, Wes. Let me make it right." She moves in, and makes to unbutton his shirt, when thank heaven the blessed doorbell rings, because I already and quite clearly stated, "Let's move on, shall we?" Hope answers the door. It's Sam and Dean. They're posing as florists, there to make a bid on the wedding, so Hope scurries off to get her folders. Wesley recognizes them from Chin's as the guys from the Health Department. Sam says, "Yeah, and florists, on the side." Dean says, "Plus, F.B.I., and on Thursdays, we're Teddy Bear doctors." I do love meta when it's done right. So, Dawn's in trouble. Must be Tuesday. Wes says, "Huh?" and Dean says all that matters is what they know. They get to the point when they notice some old coin collections displayed on the wall. Wes denies dropping a coin into the fountain at the restaurant, and Hope returns with her wedding materials. When she drops that Wesley is between jobs right now (which makes him... more attractive to her) the boys pump her for information on how they met. "It's the funniest thing. We both grew up here. I never really knew who he was -- not by name, anyway. Until one day last month, oh, it was like I just saw him. For the first time, he was just glowing. Oh, just glowing." She rubs his face and is clearly getting amorous. Wes tries to distract her by asking her to get them some coffee, but she starts smooching his face off. He mutters uncomfortable okays between kisses, and the look on Sam and Dean's faces are just precious, here. It's like all the proof they need that this poor woman is under a spell, and Wes knows it.

Sam says, "Wes, we know, so tell us the truth." I'm too tired to pick on that line the way it deserves. Hope listens in from the kitchen as Wes explains that his grandfather found the coin in North Africa, in WWII. He said it was a real wish granting coin and that no one should ever use it. His grandfather was all he had, and after his death, Wes decided to try... go against his grandfather's wishes. He and Sam should get along just fine. Sam says, "Yeah, well now you're going to wish it back." In the kitchen, Hope catches her breath. Wes refuses to comply at first. Dean says, "If you don't stop it, something bad's going to happen." Sam adds, "Something bad, like us." Shouldn't that be Dean's line? Sam really isn't the same guy. Wes looks at them all like make me, so Dean discretely shows him his gun. "We really wish you'd come with us."

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