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The Hardy Boys Dick Around
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THEN! We see the forest from Dean's point of view as he hallucinates about running from the hellhounds. Brunette Lilith the First's eyes turn white before she takes out Special Agent Victor Henriksen; Brave Little Virginal And Doomed Nancy; and the entire Monument Sheriff's Department. Blonde Lilith the Second doesn't like her Grampy anymore. Dean runs from the Hellhounds again. Sam tells us he has demon blood in him. We all say, "No duh." Sam uses his new exorcism mojo on the waitress demon. Sam kills Hunter Gordon in The Most Stupendously Fantabulous Televisual Moment Of The Scintillating Season The Last! Lilith the Third (Princess Sparkle Special Edition) sends her puppies to play with Dean. Castiel (oh Cas -- Hi! Hi!) tells Dean, "You should show me some respect. I dragged you out of Hell. I can throw you back in."

NOW! Dean, wearing a suit, is running for his life. Although we don't see it, we hear a dog chasing him. Run, Dean! Run! And run he does. He rounds an alley dumpster, startles the homeless man sorting through it, and trips and falls over a pile of trash, and not the kind he usually tries to pick up in bars. Still on the ground, Dean yells to the homeless man. "Run! It will kill you." The man looks at Dean, and then to the evil beastie who's been hot on his tail. Is it another shape shifter wearing the skin of a movie-style werewolf? Hellhounds? Cerberus himself? The camera pans to Dean's hunter, we see she's pretty much Benji's sister, complete with a pink bow atop her cute little head. I think Dean screams as he flees in terror, but it's hard to make it out over the sound of my own laughter. I watch the scene five times before I allow the title card to sweep in on angel wings.

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