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The Hardy Boys Dick Around

The boys are facing one another, so Dean scans one side of the room (with his trusty flashlight) as Sam scans the other. Okay, not really. He sort of stands there dead until his cue, but that's the director's fault. Dean's flashlight streams across a figure in the corner that is so shadowy, a less nervous person might have missed it, but not Screaming Dean Winchester. Sam stares at nothing, until Jared Padalecki gets his cue, notices the look on Jensen Ackles' face, realizes they're filming, gets into character and turns to see it. And see it he does. I'm glad Dean's not hallucinating this time. Sam's voice is nearly as booming as Deans when he shouts out, "Hey," to the strange figure in the corner. It doesn't turn around. I think it's in a time out, so Sam turns to look at Dean, only to see him running for his life, straight out of the mill. I'd better never hear Dean Winchester say anyone runs "like a girl." I'm just saying. Sam lets out an exasperated sigh and turns back to Boo Radley. Sam and Dean's Boo Radley is huge, bald, bloodied, and Luther Garland's ghost. At first he looks afraid, but his fear soon turns to menace. He charges at Sammy, who dissipates him with a shotgun blast of rock salt. Outside, crouched behind Metallicar, Dean has drained his bottle dry. Self-medicating for the win! Sam runs out holding up Luther Garland's ID card and says, "I guess we've got the right place." Dean is... you know... afraid, because that's how he is throughout the episode.

Back at the Sheriff's Department, Sam gets the Luther Garland file from Deputy Linus Johnson, while Dean stands around in a drunken stupor giving an old lady a look, and the thumbs up to the Deputy. Linus asks Sam if Dean's drunk, so Sam, being a LYING LIAR WHO LIES lies, "No." He tries to dig for more info from Linus, but the case was twenty years ago, way before his time. I think he's blushing. I can't remember a more boyishly adorable guest on this show, other than the late and lamented Poor Little Dead Fey Corbett. Sam asks if they can talk with the Sheriff, so Linus answers in their native tongue, i.e. he turns into a LYING LIAR WHO LIES and lies that the Sheriff is out sick today. Sam says the Sheriff can reach them at the Bluebird and walks out. Drunken El Deano tries to focus his eyes. He smiles at Linus, points his finger at him and says, "Know what? You're awesome!" Linus doesn't know what to do, so he laughs and then thanks him, until Sam comes back to drag Dean out. Once they're gone, the Sheriff, who is so very much not out, gets Linus on the intercom. "Who was that?" Linus says it was the FBI guys. The Sheriff says, "What did they want?" Linus answers, "A file. Luther Garland's." The Sheriff disconnects. Inside his office, we him scrubbing his arms raw with tinfoil, and ooh the sound. We can hear Britton's heartbeat, too. The sound guys are definitely bucking for some award this week. He breathes heavily and loads his service revolver. A voice, which sounds like the Sheriff's own whispers, "They know. They know." The heartbeat intensifies. Sheriff Britton swings to face his trophy case. Upon a bronzed football, we see his reflection saying, "They know. They know what you did, and they're going to make you pay." An evil laugh takes us to the end of the scene.

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