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The Hardy Boys Dick Around

Sam and Dean arrive at Peaceful Pines Assisted Living Center. Dean's frightened by a sick, little old lady, walking down the hall with her I.V. Sam just puts his arm around him. Dean frets that this isn't going to work because their badges are fake. What if they get busted and sent to jail? Oh, poor Dean. He's afraid of a little fraud and impersonating a law officer? He's already afraid of food. Next thing you know, he'll be afraid of beer and sex. Then what's left for him? Sam insists he calms down, and orders him not to scratch. They enter the Peaceful Pines rec room or cafeteria, and approach an older man in a wheel chair. Sam says, "Mr. Garland, hi. Um, I'm Agent Tyler; this is Agent Perry -- FBI. We'd like to ask you a few questions about your brother Luther." Mr. Garland wants to see some ID. Dean is terrified they're about to be found out. As they hand over their ID, he blathers on with things like, "Those are real, obviously" and "Who would pretend to be an FBI Agent, huh? That's just nutty!" until Sam finally stomps on his foot. I can't believe Garland buys their act, so he must just be bored enough at the home to play along.

They get Mr. Garland to talk about his brother. Everyone was scared of Luther; they called him a monster. We see shots of Luther working at the mill, and everyone eyeing him suspiciously except the adorable kitten he keeps in a box. And Jessie. He had a crush on Jessie O'Brien, who was a receptionist at the mill (do mills have receptionists?) and she was always nice to him. Frank didn't like it. When Jessie disappeared, but before her body was found, Frank decided Luther killed her and took it upon himself to avenge her death. He went down to the plant one night with a rifle, got Luther outside, chained him around the neck, and road hauled him up and down a stretch outside the plant until he was "past dead." Mr. Garland went to every cop in town trying to get them to investigate Frank, but they wouldn't because he was a pillar of the community. At 24? Really, writers? Oh and while I'm calling the crew on the carpet, I don't know who cast Frank, but since he didn't even have a speaking part, couldn't you have found an actor who looked to be somewhere in the vicinity of 24? Frank had scowl lines for crying out loud. Mr. Garland is a saint, because he's old and that much closer to his own judgment day. He used to hate Frank, but he let it go, because Frank wasn't thinking straight at the time. His wife was missing and he was terrified. "It's a damn shame he had to put Luther through the same, but that's fear. It spreads and spreads." Are we all quite clear this episode is about fear and how it spreads and spreads? I don't want you to miss that. This episode is about fear and how it spreads and spreads -- some might say like a disease. A sickness. A Ghost Sickness. A Ghost Sickness that spreads much like the flu, which is another disease, and when people catch the disease of fear, guess what, moppets? They become afraid. Isn't that the funniest thing? Note to self: Make family appointments for flu shots.

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