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The Hardy Boys Dick Around

Dean walks down the wet streets of Rock Ridge, loosening his tie and collar. He hears a light tapping sound behind him, and it scares the wits out of him. From behind him, there's a growl. It's Benjette, from the cold open. Hi puppy! Okay, so they've been in town 43 hours. How fast can you run to Vegas, Dean?

Later, Dean's all sweaty and mussed up, when Sam enters their hotel room. "I looked everywhere for you, Dean. How the Hell did you get here?" Dean says, "Ran," and I don't like to nag (that's a lie) but since his heart is a few hours from giving out, I'm thinking a nice rest might be in order. Dean wants to know what they do know, because he's got less then four hours left on the clock. I hope he has another clock. "I'm gonna die, Sammy." Sam says, "Yeah, you are," and lets out a sigh. "You're going back." Dean says, "Back?" Sam says he's going back downstairs -- to Hell. "It's about damn time, too. The truth is, you've been a real pain in my ass." His eyes turn YELLOW! The picture blurs, so the lobotomized among us will realize this is a hallucination. Dean goes to grab Sammy YED, but he mojos him across the room and pins him to the wall. Despite all his fear, all his anxiety, Dean's still the big brother. "You get out of my brother you evil son of a bitch." Sammy YED laughs and laughs. "No one's possessing me, Dean. This is what I'm going to become. This is what I want to become." Sam approaches Dean and his eyes again turn YELLOW! He grabs him around the throat and starts to throttle him with one ginormatronic hand. The hallucination fades. Regular Sam is yelling, "Hey, hey, hey, hey Dean. Hey Dean." His hand is over Dean's heart -- not around his neck. Dean nods at him and tries to catch his breath. Sam pats him on the chest and walks away. No hug? This would be exactly the time for some touchy feely self-help yoga crap, bitch.

The next morning, Sam meets Bobby out by the mill. Bobby asks if Dean's hallucinations have started yet. Sam confirms it and figures they only have about 2 hours left to save Dean. Dean is at "home, sick" and is watching cartoons -- but even Gumby and Pokey are scaring him, thanks to a scene that sort of resembles a road haul. Bobby hands Sam an Encyclopedia of Spirits that dates back to the Edo Period. It's in Japanese, which Bobby can read, because apparently he's the redneck's Rupert Giles. He says, "This book lists a kind of ghost that could be our guy. It infects people with fear, it's called a Buru-buru. Sam wants to know how to kill it. Bobby says to burn the remains, the same as usual. Sam asks for a plan B. Bobby says, "Well, the Buru-buru is born of fear. Hell, it is fear. And the lore says you can kill it with fear." Sam says, "So we have to scare a ghost to death?" When Bobby confirms this, Sam wonders how they'll manage that. He calls Dean and tells him they have a plan, and it's a good plan, but rings off before he has to provide Dean with any details. As he walks back to the car, Bobby tells him the plan sucks, but as he doesn't have any better idea, they proceed. Sam enters the mill, looking for Luther, who watches him from behind a window. Neither man displays one drop of urgency at any point in this scene. And although I love both characters dearly, for just a moment, I hate them both. And I miss Gachnar. Actual size.

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