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The Hardy Boys Dick Around

At the Bluebird Hotel, Screaming Dean hears dogs howling. He hallucinates that they're breaking down the door. Instead, Sheriff Al Britton busts in, but he's all blurry at first too, as if he's part of Dean's hallucination. In a faraway voice, he asks why the boys are looking into Luther Garland's death. Dean sees the Sheriff's blood-stained sleeve and realizes he has Ghost Sickness, too. When he tries to get him to relax, the Sheriff belts Dean across the face. The Sheriff says, "Frank O'Brien was my friend. So he made a mistake. So I didn't bust him? So what? And you're going to bring me down over that? No sir." He aims his gun at Dean, but Dean knocks it to the ground. And then they fight. Okay, they're really more struggling. It's like wrestling, but standing up. Whatever - it's a pretty tight match. Then Dean hallucinates that Al's eyes turn black like a demon's and his mouth is bloody. He summons up the strength to knock Al to the floor, with just a small pitstop as he crashes through the coffee table. This is quite the hotel. It's old and crappy so they'll feel at home, but they seem to have a suite. The Sheriff's heart pounds and we hear insidious whispers of, "They know what you did." Dean tries to get him to calm down, but the Sheriff shouts for him to get away from him. His struggle ends. Fear shot the Sheriff; let's hope it didn't shoot the Deputy.

Sam makes his way to the mill office. Over the two-way, Bobby asks if he's had any luck. Sam says no; it's almost like he's scared, so he decides to make Luther angry. He tears up all the sketches of Jessie. You can see why Frank was freaked. He calls out Luther, asking what he's waiting for. But Luther isn't waiting at all. He's right behind you, Sam!

At the Bluebird, Dean scratches himself silly to the beat of his heart. He also has audio hallucinations of hallucinatory Sam saying, "You're going back. It's about damn time, too." Then there's evil laughter. Dean's eyes scan the room constantly, from the Sheriff's now covered corpse, to the TV, to the walls, to his poor wounded arms. The ticking of his watch is driving him crazy. His heart beats aloud. Dean looks down and finds a Bible on the floor. Thanks, Gideons! He clutches it to him and closes his eyes. A sweet young voice says, "Hi, Dean." WARNING: If you are an imaginary gay dragon, you're going to want to skip this part. It's Blonde Lilith the Second. Dean turns from her, closes his eyes and says, "Oh no, no, no." I laugh hysterically, because I keep seeing Dean as Raoul. Lilith says, "Yes! It's me! Lilith!" She clings to him and tells him how much she missed him, and that it's time to go back, now. Dean denies she's real. She wonders if he doesn't remember all the fun he had down there, and tells us that four months is like 40 years in Hell. Dean is stricken with chest pain and doubles over, but continues to insist she's not real. Lilith's eyes go white as she tells him it doesn't matter. He's still going to die -- still going to burn. Dean asks why he got infected. Lilith says, "Silly goose. You know why, Dean." She then tells him to listen to his heart and once again, and instead of the sound crew going for gold, she gives us the play by play: "Ba boom. Ba boom. Ba boom. Ba boom." I now interrupt this recap for the rest of Kripke's letter:

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