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The Hardy Boys Dick Around
Outside in the sunshine, Sam and Dean down some nice cold beers, while Sam and Bobby debrief Dean (stop it!). Sam plays lip service to the brutality necessary to ensure Luther's ghost's demise, but it's not enough to rinse the bile from my mouth. Because they have their priorities, Bobby and Sam mock Dean mercilessly, before Bobby leaves. Once he's gone, Sam wants to know what Dean saw, near the end. Dean says, "Besides a cop beating my ass?" Sam says, "Seriously." Dean inhales and looks at Sam, whose eyes turn freaking YELLOW. If it's a hallucination, there's no blurry effect to clue us in. Dean thinks for a moment and sucks his lip causing an untold number of Dean Girls to faint, then finally says, "Howler monkeys, a whole room full of them. Those things creep the Hell out of me." Sam sighs and rolls his eyes. "Right." Dean raises his beer bottle, preparing to drink. "Nah. Just the usual stuff, Sammy. Nothing I couldn't handle." Close in on Dean, the LYING LIAR WHO LIES, and then fade to black. It looks like we're all out of show. Except...

...We're not, because we're treated to approximately 90 seconds of Jensen Ackles lip-synching and vamping to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger," which ought to be a DVD extra. It's so funny; it just totally screwed with my grading for this episode. Darn you, Ackles. You don't play fair.

Next week, we get A Very Special Halloween Episode in which it seems like Dean and Sam will have to face every awful thing they've ever seen. Huh. Do you think they're going to recap the plot of this episode?

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