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The Hardy Boys Dick Around

It's morning, and Sam passes by a colorful mural on the outer front wall of the Bluebird Hotel. He's carrying a box of something -- let's say donuts because I'm in the mood for one. He's also just ending a call with Bobby, as Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger," starts to play. He crosses the street to Metallicar, but can't see Dean. Well, not at first. When he gets to the car, he peeks in the window and sees Dean stretched out across the front seat, playing air drums. Sam thumps on the roof (in time to the music, I might add, so well done, Sammy). Dean hollers in fright, sits up, exits the car, and shows his brother the three scratch marks on his where he's been scratching. How do you think those got there? Sam hands Dean the box o' breakfast, and is shocked when Dean merely sniffs it and then tosses it aside. Who are you, and what have you done with the real Dean who would have two donuts in his mouth, by now? Damn shifter followed you from last week, I tell you what.

Sam tells Dean about his conversation with Bobby. "You're not going to like [this]. It's Ghost Sickness." Dean repeats what Sam just said and sinks back against the car. "Oh God, no." He lets it sink in, then deadpans, "I don't even know what that is." Some cultures believe the dead can infect the living with a disease. Per Sam, the symptoms of Ghost Sickness are as follows: "You get anxious; then scared; then really scared; then your heart gives out. Sound familiar?" Oh, that'll calm him down, Stretch. Dean thinks this is odd as they haven't seen a ghost in weeks, but Sam doesn't think he caught it from a ghost. "Once the spirit infects that first person, Ghost Sickness can spread like any sickness -- through a cough, a handshake, whatever. It's like the flu. Now Frank O'Brien was the first to die, which means he was probably the first infected: Patient Zero." Dean's less than thrilled. "Our very own outbreak monkey."

Sam also found out that Frank had been in Maumee over the weekend for a Soft Ball Tournament, which is where he must have infected the other victims. Dean asks if they were Game Cocks. Sam says, "Corn Jerkers." I pause the DVR because it seems my husband has regressed to the seventh grade. Are you all right over there, babe? "Rewind that." M'kay. Moving right along, Dean says, "So a ghost infected Frank; he gave it to the others; and I got it from his corpse. So what, now I've got 48 hours before I go insane," oh honey, you're well on your way there, "And my heart stops?" Sam says, "More like... 24." Dean thinks this is super fun, but he wants to know why he got infected when Sam got hit with the spleen juice. Sam looks away and then back at Dean. "Yeah, um, see Bobby and I have a theory about that, too. It turns out all three victims shared a certain personality type. Frank was a bully. The other two victims -- one was a Vice Principal; one was a bouncer." Dean says, "Okay," as in the point -- you can show me it? Sam says, "Basically, they were all dicks." Nice work there, Sammy. Your brother, the one who once sold his soul and went to hell for you, has a day to live and you're calling him a dick. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

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