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The Hardy Boys Dick Around

Understandably, Dean wants to know how to stop this Ghost Sickness. Sam says if they gank the ghost that started it, the disease should clear up. The guys discuss the possibility of Frank's late wife being the ghost who started the whole thing. Sam then asks, "Hey, what are you doing out here, anyhow?" Dean opens his mouth, looks down at the ground and back up at their hotel, across the street. "Our room's on the fourth floor." Sam makes his "And so..." face. Dean says, "It's -- it's high." Sam scoffs at him then says he'll see if he can move them down to the first. Dean thanks him and scurries back inside Metallicar. He picks up the box of donuts, opens it, makes a turned-off face, and lays the box on the passenger seat. Dean can't eat. This is serious, y'all!

Alone in his hotel room, which we can only hope is on the first floor, Dean sits at the desk, doing some research. The ticking clock is in sync with his heartbeat and it's driving him a bit nuts (nuttier). He returns to his book. There are illustrations. One is of a person coughing up blood. The other is a person whose chest has burst open. Dean's eyes focus on the words: "from Ghost Sickness are affected by hallucinations, [can't see word], fever, delirium and eventually a horrible death." Dean starts to cough and his eyes fall back on the illustrations. Beneath the one of the person coughing up blood, we see the same words as before with a slight change: "from Ghost Sickness are affected by hallucinations, [can't see word], fever, delirium You're dying... death." In the next paragraph, Again appears big and bold. And in the next? Loser. The book starts to go blurry. Dean rubs his eyes and moves to the next page where we read You gonna cry? The ticking of the clock grows louder. Dean glares up at it, and although we fade to black, we hear shattering glass.

Sam returns to their room, to find the broken clock on the floor, and Dean sitting on the couch, guzzling a beer. He asks Dean if everything is all right, and Dean says it's "Peachy." He scratches at his arm as he asks what Sam found out. For one thing, Jessie O'Brien was cremated, so it's unlikely she's their ghost. Sam adds, "Hey, quit picking at that," which is really sort of cute. Despite calling Dean a dick, he truly is concerned. Sam sits down and looks Dean over. "How are you feeling?" Dean says, "Awesome. It's nice to have my head on the chopping block, again. I'd almost forgotten what that feels like." Sam closes his eyes and lets out a quiet and resigned laugh. Dean says, "It's frigging delightful." Sam tells him they'll keep looking, when Dean starts to cough again. The cough gets so bad he runs to the sink. Sam is concerned and runs after him, calling his name. I had to watch this through my fingers, so I'm going to rush through the rest of it, because this sort of scene gags me. Dean ends up coughing up a woodchip, covered in blood. After he washes it off and examines it, Sam says, "We've been completely ignoring the biggest clue we have. You!" Dean pouts. "I don't want to be a clue." Sam says that the abrasions, the woodchips -- the disease is trying to tell them something. Dean says, "Tell us what, woodchips," to which Sam replies, "Exactly." Okay, do I rant about the story's structure here or in the next paragraph? Let's do it here. Maybe we can keep the next one free. Based on that woodchip, and just from that woodchip -- Sam takes Dean out to an old lumber mill. An abandoned one. He knew to do this how, exactly? They're in Colarado. People live there. People have fireplaces, and landscaping that includes mulch, and there are sometimes storms that knock down branches leaving... chips of wood. How the Hell did Sam know where to go. If they're going to have him pull stuff out of his ass like this, then I wish they'd give him his psychic powers back full on. It's late, so rant done.

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