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The Hardy Boys Dick Around

At the "Cassity & Sons Lumber Mill" (poorly spelled shout out?) Dean takes a swig out of a half full bottle of booze. He's afraid to go inside, but Sam insists, because he needs back up and Dean is all he has. He hands Dean a gun from Baby's trunk, but Dean refuses to take it, because it could go off! He offers to man the flashlight, instead. Sam is miffed, but keeps it to himself, grabs his shotgun, and they head inside. The EMF reader is going crazy, but they can't rely on it, because it reacts to Dean. This seems to piss off Sam. Some people have been complaining that this season is Dean-centric, but Sam sure thinks it's all about him. On the floor, they find a gold wedding band inscribed, "To Frank, Love Jessie." It's Frank O'Brien's wedding ring, but they're as clueless as we are (and the writers) as to why it's there. Exploring the mill, they hear a rattling sound and follow it to a locker room. They identify the locker from which it's coming, and on Sam's count, he opens the door. A cat flies out with a loud meow, and I wish I could embed sound or video in this recap, because I'm never going to do it justice. Here's a link. Eyes wide as saucers and mouth just as round, Dean screams, "AAAAHHHUEAAAAAAAAAAAAA! AAAHHUEAAAAA! OOOOH! Ooooh!" He stops, looks at Sam and Dean is but a 10-year-old trying to smile away his terror. "That was scary!" After I watch it for the tenth time, I realize Sam just looks at him, and walks off. Oh, I get it. He's trying to catch dick disease and die too, so he doesn't have to live without his big brother, ever again. Isn't that just the sweetest?

Dean follows behind asking, "What?" and they stumble upon an office sort of area. There are papers all over the floor, and the place looks like it was trashed and never used again. Sam heads towards what I think are shelves, and picks up something. It's an employee I.D. card. Sam says, "Luther Garland," like that already means something to us, but it doesn't. Dean heads for the old metal desk, straight ahead. He finds a beautiful, old sketch of a woman, and compares it to the newspaper clipping he has on Jessie O'Brien's disappearance, 20 years ago. "Hey, this is Frank's wife." Sam says, "The plot thickens." Dean says, "Yeah, but into what." My word, I'm just glad anyone can still identify the plot. Dean picks up the sketch of Jessie which sort of sticks to the desk. As he tears it free, the mill machinery starts up, which scares both boys, although Dean nearly jumps out of his skin (have I already used that expression; I think I have, but in my defense that's what he keeps doing).

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