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And The Hardy Boys Shall Make You Free
before Secretly Evil Sammy had a chance to talk to him, as we learn when Secretly Evil Sammy himself phones Deeply Disturbed El Deano with the news. Fortunately, Secretly Evil Sammy's managed to have a nice, long chat with the perky hygienist, so he knows all about No-Name Pervert and the foul depredations to which he was confessing shortly before he was so justly murdered. "So," Dean supposes, "Root Canal and Russian Roulette -- both of them, it was like they were cursed? People just compelled to puke the truth all over them?" Secretly Evil Sammy mugs that Dean might be on to something with that little notion of his, then orders his brother over to Doctor Paul's former offices to see what he can see while Secretly Evil Sammy heads to the morgue to examine the corpses. Dean has little choice but to agree and, after he shuts his laptop on the Doppelgänger research he'd been clandestinely conducting, he dutifully heads over to...

...the dentist's office, which is still positively livid with blood and guts. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Dean sneaks past the police tape now blocking the crime scene, tippy-toes through the ruined examining room, and eventually creeps into Doctor Paul's consulting study, which features a prominently displayed saxophone, several photographs of Abused Melissa tooting on a trumpet, a tin case of reeds on the desk, and a receipt from Harry's House Of Horns. Dean flashes back to Pathetic Jane's pathetic cat calendar, on which were noted several regularly scheduled appointments at Harry's House Of Horns and beside which was a label from the same establishment. Thinking fast, he pockets the receipt, swipes a photograph of Deceased Doctor Paul, and heads on over to...

...Harry's House Of Horns, where Harry himself confirms that both Jane and Paul took lessons from him before wondering what that's got to do with their unfortunate suicides. Dean admits he only dropped by on a hunch, and he's about to leave when Harry calls out, "Hey! What about my horn?" Dean's all, "Sorey?" because Jensen Ackles has spent too much time in Canada, so Harry elaborates, "My stolen horn?" "That thing's one in a billion," he continues, giving Dean another idea. What, precisely, makes Harry's missing horn so special? "It's a museum piece," Harry replies, flipping open a handy catalogue on the counter to show Dean a picture of the thing as he explains, "Near as anyone can tell, it's about a thousand years old." Dean examines the photograph for a very long moment before asking, "When did it get swiped?" "About two weeks ago," Harry replies, suddenly realizing, "Same day Jane died!" DUN!

This Week's Motel Room. Dean Googles "Biblical Horns" and immediately lands on a site detailing "Gabriel's Horn Of Truth," so he quite naturally starts bellowing for My Sweet Baboo, as Gabriel's Horn might be one of those heavenly "loose nukes" they devoted an episode to earlier in the season. Castiel instantly flutters down from whatever he'd been doing, and Dean immediately lights into him because Secretly Evil Sammy's Come Back Wrong For The Eighty-Eighth Or Eighty-Ninth Time Since This Godforsaken Series Began, and where has Castiel been for all of that, huh? HUH? "I didn't come about Sam," My Sweet Baboo patiently explains, somehow managing not to smite the screechy little bow-legged howler monkey now prancing about in front of him, "because I have nothing to offer about Sam." Secretly Evil Sammy's not Satan, Castiel continues as he thoughtfully pours Dean a whiskey, because Castiel and his compatriots would sense if Lucifer had escaped the cage, and because nothing's turned up on his angelic radar, there's nothing for My Sweet Baboo to do.

"And Gabriel's Horn Of Truth?" Dean grunts, changing the subject because the script says he must. "That's a real thing?" "You've seen it?" Castiel wonders, instantly on the alert. "We think it's in town," Dean admits, and barely have those words left his mouth when Castiel flutters off. "You're welcome!" Dean sarcastically shouts at the space Castiel had been occupying, and barely have those words left his mouth when Castiel flutters back in. "It isn't The Horn Of Truth," My Sweet Baboo sighs. "What are you talking about?" Dean splutters. "You were gone for, like, two seconds -- where did you look?" Castiel, perplexed, darts his eyes around for a little bit before lightly shrugging, "Everywhere." Hee. Also: Deeply awesome. My Sweet Baboo then promises to make inquiries on Dean's behalf before fluttering on out of there for good, because My Sweet Baboo is still nursing a massive man-crush for Dashing El Deano even after all these years. It would be sweet, really, were I not so jealous. "[Blaaaaat!]" Shut up, Raoul. "Hee!"

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