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And The Hardy Boys Shall Make You Free

Wenzel's Pub. Immediate aftermath. Dean rises to leave, slapping a couple of bucks down onto the bar and turning for the door. As he passes a rather shapely brunette perched atop a stool at one of the tables, she lifts her eyes up to his and simpers, "I'm sitting like this so you'll look at my breasts -- I just bought them, and I need a lot of attention." Dean's all, "Good luck with that!" and scuttles on past, then doubles back for a double-take at the brunette's impressive knockers. Heh.

Out on the street, Dean rings Bobby and immediately asks, "Anything you're itching to tell me?" "Not really," Bobby casually replies. "I'm here, hitting the books while drinking a nice glass of milk and watching Tori & Dean." Bobby's a huge Tori Spelling fan, don't you know. "Guess it does work over the phone," Dean sighs to himself, even though he should already have known that given the circumstances immediately preceding Pathetic Jane's suicide, but whatever, because Bobby's got something more to say: "You know what else? I get a pedicure every once in a while!" "Please stop," Dean pleads, but Bobby ignores him to extol the many virtues of his regular pedicurist, a tiny Vietnamese woman with a steely grip whose name means "Velvet Phoenix" in English. He then goes on to admit that, while Dean's his favorite Winchester, Secretly Evil Sammy's by far the better hunter, especially since Secretly Evil Sammy returned from the grave this last time around. Oh, and his first girlfriend turned out to be a dude. "Saucy!" shrieks Raoul, and hon? "Yes?!" Why don't you keep practicing your tuba while I try to plow through all of this crap, okay? "Okay!" I do so love it when you're being agreeable. "[Blaaaaat!]"

Anyway, Dean quickly realizes this supposed curse is likely the best thing that could have happened to him, given his current situation with Secretly Evil Sammy, and he hangs up on Bobby's blithering to dial his brother. Of course, he gets Secretly Evil Sammy's secretly evil voicemail instead, so he leaves a curt message for Secretly Evil Sammy to call him back as soon as possible, then fires up the Impala to jet over to Patient Zero's former apartment...

...where Secretly Evil Sammy's interrogating this "Cory" person's teary-eyed roommate or sister or whatever, and long story short, Patient Zero had been having trouble at school, and then her cat Mittens "ran away," and then her boyfriend started sleeping around on her, so the teary-eyed roommate or sister or whatever's not really surprised that Cory's accident wasn't so accidental after all. Secretly Evil Sammy asks if he can poke around Cory's bedroom just as...

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