We Found Our Zombies

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Top Five, Baby!

After they vote out Cliff, Lindsey and Trish get into it. Lindsey comes off pretty badly, because she's obviously bitter that her game got blown up and all of her complaints were about Trish's appearance. Afterwards, Probst gets called out to talk to Lindsey, and she decides to quit. She claims it's because she is worried that she might go off on Trish, but we all know it's because she thinks she has no chance. Probst goes to visit Solana and tells them. What a waste.

Reward Challenge. Each person gets an idol on a handheld platform, and they face off one-on-one, trying to knock the other's idol off. The tribes trade points, but ultimately Woo gets revenge on Spencer for beating him in the first round and wins the game for the Solana tribe. They get to have two people go back to Aparri's camp to steal things from them, so Tony and Woo head out.

Tony and Woo take the fishing net and the comfort items. They also get a Hidden Immunity Idol clue for their own camp. Tony decides to make a big show of giving to Jeremiah as if it's for the Aparri camp, to try to put a target on Jeremiah's back. It seems to work, since later Jeremiah tries to tell people about it, and no one believes him. He should have just said if it was his clue to do with what he wanted, he wanted to read it out loud to everyone. Instead, he gave it back to Tony when Tony asked. Anyone who has watched this show before would know that's seriously fishy.

The Immunity Challenge is your typical "build a staircase, go through a maze, thread a key along a rope, solve a puzzle" obstacle course. Aparri takes an early lead but Solana catches up in the maze. Tony and Jeremiah tackle the key on a rope section, but Tony struggles with a lock at the end and Solana falls behind again. Spencer and Sarah do the puzzle for Aparri while LJ and Woo do it for Solana. LJ suddenly becomes a puzzle master and whips through the puzzle, and Solana wins immunity. After they win, Tony squeals, "Top five, baby! Top five!" in celebration, and the people on Aparri take note.

During the pre-vote scramble, Alexis tries to convince the former Brain tribe that Jeremiah isn't trustworthy, but she and Morgan are. She fails and they vote Alexis out.





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