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Live Together, Eat Mutant Panther Alone

Up on the Ark, Abby Griffin meets a young engineering savant named Raven whose love interest is one of the 100, and in no time at all she's exposed the whole plot and joins Abby's team of malcontents. Kane pushes for a vote on culling another 209 innocent passengers to secure the six months they'll need to repair the Ark, but -- after Raven explains that the kids are obviously faking their deaths to mess with the grownups -- Abby finally sways the Chancellor to deadlock the vote, giving her ten days to find a way to communicate with the ground team -- and the blood of another hundred citizens on her hands, for a total of 300+, if she can't.

Who do you think Raven's person on the ground is? There are hints that it's Finn, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's misdirect, especially given how hard he's been selling himself to Clarke since they landed. Either way she's fun, and the chemistry between Raven and Clarke's mother Abby is very enjoyable to watch. By episode's end, with more and more kids dropping their wristbands for even dumber reasons, Abby's convinced she needs to fly down there herself, and enlists Raven's help refurbishing a 100-year-old shuttlecraft for the voyage.

Down below, Clarke's away team thinks Jasper the nerd might still be alive, so they return his best friend, Competent Man Monty, and the wounded Octavia to basecamp. Clarke dares Bellamy to bring his gun along for the mission, along with Murphy and a recovered Wells, and Finn -- though reluctant at first -- eventually joins them. Turns out the river Jasper crossed at the apogee was a territorial line, which is why he was attacked. The kids eventually find him staked out to a tree as bait for a jungle cat, and in quick succession Bellamy's saved Clarke's life and Wells has saved Bellamy's, and the triumphant party returns with Jasper (and dinner) in tow.

Back at camp, Octavia remains friendly with Monty, who's recalibrating the wristbands to communicate with the Ark -- a parallel development to the researches up above -- and gets very friendly with one of Bellamy's henchmen, whose name I didn't catch but who seems like a keeper. Sadly, even with all this intra-tribal d├ętente and compromise, in the end Bellamy's Tea Party guys decide to ration the meat to those of the 100 who are still willing to give up their wristbands, handing out beatings and arrests for those who don't comply.

When Finn points out to Murphy how his anarchy and Bellamy's oblivious, might-makes-right libertarianism are actually opposing childish concepts, intellectually as well as morally, schisms begin to form in the untenable grossness. But for tonight, the kids can enjoy some glowing butterflies, roasted mutant cougar meat, and complete ignorance of the oddly masked teens -- who probably look like just regular teens and not Morlocks at all -- that are watching them sleep.

Next Week: Neither acid weather nor seaweed antibiotics, neither Bellamy's hunters on the prowl nor a cute tween in danger, could ever stop Clarke from busting Wells's balls about the time he got her father executed.

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