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As with the last episode that followed a "To Be Continued" (a mere three weeks ago, mind you), we're dropped right into the middle of the action -- or, rather, the end of last week's action. Kent & Vyxsin, who are already in last place, once again realize on the bus to Old Town Li Jiang that they are without their Amazing Purse, not to mention the money and passports it contains. Flashback of them getting off the gondola and leaving it behind, complete with highlighting. And we also get a reiteration of Vyxsin saying that if it's on the gondola, they're never going to see it again. Where could they have left it where they would be more likely recover it? Under the wheels of the bus before it took off?

You may also remember that we left Zev and Justin while they were still doing the Horn Detour, and not at all sure they were going to be able to manage it. But any attempt to generate suspense on that score has been wisely abandoned, as we now see them arrive at the Pit Keep Going in Li Jiang. They look exhausted upon hearing the news that they're in eighth place, and still in it. "As a matter of fact, you're still racing right now, "Phil says, handing them their next clue. We have no idea from last week what it says, so it's good that Zev now reads from it, "Travel by train to Kunming, China." That's the city they flew into from Tokyo last week on their way here, so now they'll be taking the 400-mile train ride back. Phil tells us that from the Kunming train station, they'll go to the Dounan Flower Market (which we see at night, making it rather less spectacular-looking) to find their next clue. Zev's not done reading, though: "Warning: a Double U-Turn will appear somewhere in this leg of the race." Let's hope that makes up for the fact that Kent and Vyxsin are virtually guaranteed to catch up with everyone else before the next commercial break.

The Goths are back at the gondola, where a conductor at the bottom points them up to the top. Someone must have found the Amazing Purse and turned it in, which immediately renders it even more Amazing. They ride the gondola back to the peak, pretty worried, but as soon as they get there they see an office where their lost fanny pack is sitting on a desk waiting to be collected. They run in and grab it, Kent kissing it relief before they get right back on the gondola. On the ride down, Vyxsin diagnoses, "Seriously, there's like some kind of screws loose up here in our mind." Well, recognizing it is a step in the right direction. Just make sure you have all your stuff before you take any more steps.

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