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Follow That Plane!, Part II

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Can you buy a neck for a million bucks?

In the first half of the season finale, Boston bungled a bit of navigation, Wil was bested by a yellow insulated lunchbox, and Tara breathed red fire, but Blake and Paige donned their asbestos Izod shirts and landed at the very last pit stop in first place. As the final leg started, Wil and Tara found themselves without their clue, and when they failed in their attempts to buddy it out of Boston or beg it from the Teeth, they resolved to just fly to Anchorage and follow someone around for a while like a couple of whiny four-year-olds asking to be taken to the zoo. Will it work? Can they recover from this potentially fatal mistake? Will Tara be mad at Alex for refusing to hand over the clue? Will everybody just keep their shirts on already? And, once and for all, who is going home with the big toy check?

A few rather spastic beauty shots of Hawaii welcome us to the second hour, and then we see all three teams board their flights in the general direction of Anchorage, starting with a long haul from Honolulu to San Francisco. Thanks, Amazing World Map! Where would I be without you? Or, I suppose, how would I know where I was without you? Phil helpfully reminds us that once they get to Alaska, the teams have to find Rust's Flying Service and instruct the pilot to fly them to Trapper Creek.

Cut back to the plane, and a priceless shot of Wil and Tara sitting, slumped and defeated, in their seats. Never has justice been so beautifully presented. Wil is actually clutching his forehead miserably over their insanely inept screw-up on the heels of twelve legs of relatively good play. Ha! He looks like he's had fourteen glasses of bad beer and a sound beating. I only wish. Phil wonders aloud whether they can recover, or whether Boston and the Teeth will find themselves in an Esquire/Danza-style two-team sprint to the finish. I certainly wish we could end this race like we did last season, with one of those Amazing Editor moments where we cut back from the finish line to Wil, tied to an anthill in the middle of the previous leg and still trying to finish the task, and then being handed a clue telling him it's all over. Unfortunately, I just don't think it's in the cards.

Wil interviews on the plane that "it's going to be really hard to continue in this game without a clue." You know, the number of "clueless" and "without a clue" and "no clue" jokes being presented by this storyline are just knocking me over. It doesn't feel sporting, though -- it's like hunting squirrels with a Sherman tank. Furthermore, this shot of Wil is taken from about two inches from his face, and I really do not appreciate that. I do not need to see up his nose. Anyway, the very haggard Wil vows to get an Alaska guidebook of some kind so he can try to figure out where they're supposed to go. That's it! Persevere, Wil! Yours is a noble struggle! Well, it's not "noble," but the "struggle" part is kinda funny. Meanwhile, Tara and Alex nuzzle and rub noses, apparently not concerned about the previous clue controversy. I'm not sure whether it seems really healthy or really bizarre that neither of them seems to care about the fact that she pressured him to give her the clue, or the fact that he said no. I suppose it's unique to the situation. Hardly worth questioning these people's sanity now. Wil stares straight ahead miserably. Boy, is this what bringing a man to his knees looks like? I'm not sure I was ready.

San Francisco, 2:04 PM. The plane touches down. Everybody runs through the airport, and then Wil and Tara duck into a bookstore to do some research. (And that's research in the sense of actual research, as opposed to research in the sense of "strategizing.") Wil picks up a book about Alaska. He holds it up to the camera with a look that appears to be grim determination. Or else the airplane food was a little gamey. I'm always suspicious of those little crackers. Anyway, Tara browses, looking at a different book. She explains that she's trying to see whether anything rings a bell. I'm thinking she must at least remember that they were looking for a place with planes, because I can't believe she's looking at everything in Anchorage.

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