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Previously on Cut Off The Red-Nose Reign, Dear: Seoul? Do these people look like they care about Seoul? Much to the relief of the embattled Korean taxi industry, it was time for the teams to scram out of Asia and make another leap west, this time to Brisbane, Australia. The airport swallowed another victim into its menacing maw as Al and ClownJon failed to double-check their information and wound up all alone in last place after their flight succumbed to a debilitating case of Fog Fever. (Catch it!) Once in Brisbane, Kelly learned a little something about hanging in, while Chip and BuffJon that they both have more buttons to push between them than a universal remote. Team Who went belly-up a bunch of times before finally making sense of a watery Fast Forward that nearly resulted in the untimely drowning of the local talent. They managed, however, to come in first and wangle yet another trip out of Phil, which means that they're totally taking me on one of them. I will even accept "festive Latin America" as my destination. (What? I can pretend to be festive.) Reichen almost got himself eaten by a shark, or else he waved his hand for a minute and nothing of consequence happened, depending on which version of the story you want to believe. In a desperate rush to catch Jon and Kelly, the Chipsters decided that reading, while fundamental, is annoyingly time-consuming. Having ignored the basics of the clue, they received a "minimum punitive penalty," but it wasn't enough to save Al and ClownJon, who were ultimately unable to fix what got broken in the Seoul airport. And so, sadly, we waved goodbye to the only one of these teams you'd let your kids stay with if you didn't want them to come home knowing a lot of swear words. "Who will be eliminated..." Al Franken sues the estate of Mary Shelley. "…next?" Hey, don't mess with me, Phil. The next people to be eliminated will be Harvey and Mel, the lovable short order cooks who will get lost on the way to the Atlanta airport on the first leg of The Amazing Race 5. Don't try to tell me otherwise; I won't hear it.

Credits. This Week's Fun Fact You Can Learn From Zaprudering The Credits With The Assistance Of TiVo: In some languages, "west" starts with an O.

Commercials. If you're a really talented tap-dancer, I don't really recommend squandering your talent on boneless chicken wings. There's nowhere to go from there except the latest public education campaign from the American Association of Bar Food Producers in which you tap out in Morse code, "Your odds of dropping dead from a heart attack due to ingestion of a single mozzarella stick are less than one in three."

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