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The Guido Interview, Part II

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Out with the frying pan, in with lots of cosmetics

[When we left our story, the Guidos had just finished the story of their fateful eleven-hour cab ride to Krabi, Thailand. Now, back to our scheduled snarkfest.]

Miss Alli: Jumping back a little bit, I wanted to ask you, you didn't -- obviously you didn't stay very long in that alliance at the beginning. Did you leave just because it didn't seem strategically advantageous, or did you have a sense that it was going to get nasty between those other teams?

Bill: Actually, it was a little bit of both.

Joe: There were many different reasons why we left the alliance. One of the biggest is leaving South Africa, going to France, we're suddenly not traveling in a family of four, the two of us, our cameraman, and a sound man. We're traveling in a family of twelve. And that's the way Brenda and Pat actually got to Paris ahead of us, is because they only needed tickets for four. We needed tickets for twelve, and Bill and I were the ones that were negotiating it at the ticket counter. So as a result, the first thing here is, man, this doesn't work. We're going to be in airports all the time, running up to ticket counters, buying coach seats at the last minute. The chances that there's going to be twelve seats is ridiculous. Another thing is that Rob and Brennan, who put the alliance together when they were number one back in Songwe Village, forced the agreement that when we arrive at all these various places, we're always going to maintain the same order. So [Rob and Brennan] are always first, Joe and Bill are always second, Frank and Margarita are always third. And that sounded okay in the very beginning, but once we saw how everybody operated, we decided, why should we always be second?

Miss Alli: What does that mean, "see how everybody operated"?

Bill: Well, it's, uh, we kind of knew from the whole interview process who the final three teams were going to be. We knew that Frank and Margarita and Rob and Brennan were very strong teams, very intelligent, and physically strong as well. And so we knew they were our competition. And part of our reason for the alliance, ultimately, was so that we could see up close how they reacted to things and how they dealt with just playing the game.

Miss Alli: What does that mean?

Bill: After one night with them, we just felt like -- as well as the airport idea -- I mean, this isn't Survivor, and an alliance of this sort just isn't going to work. The three strongest teams being together just doesn’t make any sense at all if you want to win the thing. You have to really strike out on your own and help a weak team.

Joe: Back when we were in New York, we selected Frank and Margarita and Rob and Brennan and ourselves as "we are going to be the last three teams, we just know it, these are the real competition." So as a result, why do you want to be in an alliance with these people that were always going to be up front. What you want to do is hope for some mishap, that they fall down and get eliminated.

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