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Trains, mountains and a big ol' Ricola-commercial horn welcome us back to Switzerland, which Phil's VO tells us is known as "Europe's playground." Come now, Phil, how many playgrounds can Europe have? "It's iconic mountain, the Eiger, towers over the ski resort town of Grindelwald," Phil adds. "And on these gentle slopes, a popular snowboard and ski school, which is now the start of the ninth leg in a race around the world." Bates & Anthony won the previous leg, which comes with the once-per-season trip from Travelocity that means that before they start the leg, they get to check out their prize online. Except now they use a smartphone instead of a laptop, because times have changed and technology has advanced, even if racers aren't normally allowed to use it. I just wonder how long it's going to be before someone tries to sneak some Google Glass onto the race.

On the mat at 2:50 AM, Bates reads from their first clue that they're going to Dresden, Germany. Phil says that when they arrive -- apparently by train -- they'll go to a parking lot outside the Ministry of Finance. There they'll pick out one of a fleet of product-placed vehicles that have yellow clue envelopes tucked under the windshield wipers like parking tickets. As the hockey brothers take off from the mat, they talk about how they're hoping to hold onto their lead and also, in case you missed it, their alliance with country singers Caroline and Jennifer. They've even dubbed themselves the "fab four." Isn't that phrase copyrighted yet? And if not, couldn't someone copyright it soon so I don't have to hear it every time there's four of someone?

Derby moms Beth and Mona leave the mat in second place at 2:57 AM. Being only minutes behind the hockey brothers, they catch up to them at a hotel where the brothers are waiting for a cab to show up to take them to the train station. The odd thing about this is that the person telling them this? Is a cab driver, sitting in her taxi outside the hotel. She must be committed to driving hotel guests only, even at three in the morning. Speaking of slightly mystifying situations, the derby moms interview about their puzzlement over Caroline & Jennifer's wanting to keep Bates & Anthony in the game, describing them as their strongest opponent. Actually, those two teams have been so tight for so long I'd almost forgotten they were racing against each other and not just the other teams.

Max & Katie are off in third place at 3:01 AM. Max interviews that they expected to win a lot of legs in this race and even though the opposite has happened, they're still confident they can come back and win. Keep telling yourself that. They arrive at the hotel just as the two lead teams are learning that it's faster to just walk to the train station than to wait for a taxi at this hour, so that's what they all decide to do. Meghan's going to take that news pretty hard.

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