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This is Salzburg, right where we left it. "Resting amid the stunning vista of the Austrian Alps," Phil narrates, "this old world city was the setting for the movie The Sound of Music." And the Villa Trapp was the eighth Pit Stop. Out back, Ford squeezes one last bit of value out of its product-placement dollars from last week as Zev and Justin kvell over their new Foci yet again. Presumably they even spent the night in them, because the next thing we know, they're departing from the civilized setting of the Von Trapps' living room at the considerably less civilized hour of 3:14 AM. Zev rips the clue and Phil tells us that they'll be taking a train to Schaanwald, Liechtenstein. Yes, Liechtenstein is a real country, although Phil admits it's only one-fifth the size of New York City. They'll find their next clue on the other side of the border. The clue also warns that there will be a Double U-Turn during this leg, because we really need one of those with only six teams left. Zev and Justin get a cab to the train station, and we see Justin interviewing that since they've won the most legs of any team so far, they're pretty confident right now, although Zev says that Justin's been carrying most of the weight and he feels like he needs to step up. "Almost sounds like a fake country," Justin remarks to Zev in the cab. But they will soon discover that it is all too real.

Flight Time and Big Easy are leaving at 3:25 AM, so that wrong turn when they were in the lead really cost them at the end of the last leg. Flight Time interviews that they've been sharing information with other teams, with the obvious exception of the Cowboys, whom he describes as "independent racers." Which is a nice way of saying "way behind everyone else lately." Big Easy says that Jet and Cord won't make mistakes, so that's motivating him and Flight Time to race harder. Maybe Big Easy means "more mistakes."

Kent and Vyxsin are starting the leg at 3:39 AM. In an interview (and an unnecessarily small number of supporting flashbacks), they confess to some bickering, but in the cab they vow to keep it positive. "I think it'll be a great day," Kent says. Ugh, I hate being positive.

Kisha and Jen rip their clue at 3:49, in fourth place. Kisha admits that she's not feeling so well, but promises to race as hard as if she did. "Aww," Jen says, mockingly caressing her sister's face. Careful, don't make her throw up.

Jet and Cord are leaving at 3:50, and that Double U-Turn causes them to interview about having a target on their backs, and be aware that they can't have another slow start like they have the last couple of legs. Not that they should have had slow starts then, either.

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