The Bridge
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Ray is back at work on the tunnel. Or rather, he isin it, dragging his old dead buddy Tim from Tampa across into Mexico. "Ain't smellin' too good there, Timbo," he mutters before leaving the body just inside the Mexico end of the tunnel. It's a little soon for putrefaction to have set in, so thanks for alerting the national viewing audience that Tim's final act was to crap his pants, Ray. Ray digs into the pocket of his own formerly-cream-colored trousers (dude really needs to invest in a coverall, or at least some earth tones, because these tunnel trips are hell on his wardrobe) for the keys, and unlocks the door to the far end from the inside. I'm still not sure how Karl arranged it so that the locks on both ends of the tunnel were on his side.

Anyway, leaving the body behind for now, Ray makes his way up a narrow ramp that leads to a half-blocked door in the cluttered, labyrinthine basement of the late Graciela Rivera's butcher shop in Juarez. A radio and an electric fan are both going full blast, but there don't seem to be other signs of life as Ray calls, "Hello? Hola? Anyone around?" I'm really not sure what his (and probably Charlotte's) plan is here, unless it's to demonstrate to whomever took over for Graciela that the snitch problem has been resolved. He steps on in, and is soon nearly bowled over by some terrible smell.

This is probably explained by what he finds in the next room: two men and a woman sitting around a table, all of them dead as fuck. Ray freaks out, much the way he did when Charlotte shot Tim only more quietly, then shuts off the radio and examines the scene more closely. There are bloody footprints leading to the next room, from which mysterious noises are emanating. Ray murmurs to himself, "Stay cool, bro, stay cool." He looks at the cluttered table and starts to pick up a handy machete that's lying on top of it, and then reconsiders in favor of a gold-plated automatic from one of the dead men. "Just gonna borrow this, Pedro," he whispers, racking the slide. Thus armed, he moves to investigate the next room, where someone has almost certainly been alerted to his presence by his not-so-inner monologue.

Sure enough, someone takes a pot shot at him as soon as he comes around the corner, and he blindly returns fire. It's a lucky shot that drops his assailant, whose shirt is already soaked with blood in front as though he's been perforated for a while. At first I thought Graciela's people had been killed by Fausto Galvan when he moved in to fill the power vacuum, but this makes it look more like they all just killed each other. Ray checks himself and realizes he wasn't hit, hissing, "What the f--" before remembering this isn't HBO.

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The Bridge




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